Traveling is my Religion


Property of Anna Marie. Maya Bay, Thailand 2015.

If a stranger was to ask me what makes me happy, the first thing that would spit from my lips is the word “travel”. This is the moment I usually get a brief nod or non-committal “ah” because quite often, people aren’t sure what that means. Or on the opposite spectrum, they wish they could climb in my backpack and tag along.


It all started with the idea that college was the one and only time for me to travel. Every spare penny went towards a savings account that would be drained every couple months for another trip across the nation or world. When I graduated, it wasn’t enough- I realized I wasn’t done.

So  I decided that traveling is something that I want to continuously do throughout my life.  I went for it. I made budgets and started saving as much as possible. I did research on how to travel cheap and started talking to relatives and friends around the U.S. Since then, I have traveled with family, worked at a summer camp in a different state, jumped on board an all-inclusive trip,  went with a tour group to the other side of the world and more! It takes research, time, and saving.

I decided the “some day” for traveling is right now. I fell in love the all of the steps it takes to go on a trip. The planning, the coordination, the patience while counting down the hours until the plane leaves the runway… it makes your travels feel like a goal you just smashed your fist through.

Traveling is my religion. I commit to it because I know it will give me insanely wonderful rewards. From traveling, I learn culture, acceptance of others, and how to communicate with people who are not quite like myself. You never know what to expect and sometimes you fall in love with the place you are and sometimes it makes you appreciative of the home you have.

Property of Anna Marie. Phitsanulok, Thailand 2015.

Property of Anna Marie. Phitsanulok, Thailand 2015.

Here is how I can help you. Plan yourself a little vacation. It doesn’t have to cost you much; you can even plan a trip to a nearby city. Plan what you want to do there (concerts, shows, tourist attractions) and commit yourself! Look on websites like for cheap places to stay and Trip Advisor if you are not sure what to do there. Of course, if you need any help in planning your mini-vacation, let me know! I’d be happy to help!

Taking even just a little trip can refresh your mind and body and give you the excitement or relaxation you need to recharge yourself. You can’t put a price on the experience traveling gives you. So buckle up your budget and planning skills, and let’s see where your mind can take you!