My heart beats to a good song.

I believe that music has the opportunity to say what words can’t, make you feel what people cannot, and lift you up higher than a spaceship. I think that when two people have the same taste in music, they have the potential to have a really strong relationship (friend or more). Therefore, I’m cutting off a chunk of my life and handing it to your ears in hopes that you and I can make a connection and become friends (or maybe just feel a little less lonely in the world).

One Republic Concert. 2014. How can you not feel incredible in this moment?

One Republic Concert. 2014. How can you not feel incredible in this moment?

I don’t know if you feel this way, but for a while, I was really protective of my music taste. I wouldn’t really share my favorite songs with people because they were always really different than the majority. Strangely enough, when I started jamming out to my favorite genre- which I could best describe as Indie/Indie Pop- I was shocked to see how many others would come to love some of the songs I did. It was the beginning of some of the best friendships I have, including one of those friendships turning into my relationship I am in now.

I am sure you could think of at least 5 songs that make you super happy and comfortable when you listen to them. They take you to a place that just gives you familiarity and content- both things that I really enjoy. So here we go, get your ears ready and take a little dip into who I am and what I love.

My top five favorite songs in order as of this moment are:

5. Luck by American Authors (my belt it out because I want to sing song)

4. Reflections by MisterWives (my dance around the room singing into a brush song)

3. Unsteady by X AmbassadorsĀ (my mellow/sad mood song)

2. Luna by Bombay Bicycle Club (my long-time favorite that makes me feel adventurous)

1. Geronimo by Sheppard

I have literally been listening to Geronimo for the past few days non-stop. Not only do I love the lyrics but I love the feel of the song and the female vocals that sneak in. Chills. It has been my obsession and I am so very unashamed.

What do you think?

Here is your challenge. If you can, pick five songs that you really love right now. Write them down (or not) and think of why each one speaks to you. Is it the feeling you get? The lyrics? Is it catchy? Whatever it is, try to understand why you love the genre you do and how that relates to your experiences and reasons.

Do you have it?

Share it with me. I’d love to hear what songs makes your heart beat.

Have a good weekend and watch out for my Monday post!

Anna Marie

2 thoughts on “My heart beats to a good song.

  1. HannahRose says:

    Hey Anna, Love these posts!! So I looked up your list of songs and listened to them and I have got to say, I agree with you…they’re great. I must confess, I had not heard of almost all of the bands so it was nice to see some of the flavor there that you like. For me, if I had to break it down to a list of five songs, I’d have to say in no particular order:
    1. The End of Heartache- Killswitch Engage (I just heard this song recently on a CD my boyfriend, Brandon, made and I have been listening to it non-stop because I love the lyrics and the instrumentals to express it. It’s intense and I love it.)
    2. I Miss the Misery- Halestorm (Because her voice is my favorite kind of rock singing! It’s so powerful and gravely and beautiful.)
    3. Firework- Katy Perry (The lyrics are my mantra.)
    4. You Be Tails, I’ll Be Sonic- A Day To Remember (It is my jam. Favorite ADTR song. I just get so into it with the beat and the lyrics and aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!)
    5. Decode- Paramore (Paramore used to be one of my favorite bands but they’ve turned very pop now, which is alright, but not what I like-not about them at least. This song is from their earlier stuff, more rock, and I just like the way the music floats and wraps around me.)
    I guess I would say my favorite genre would be more hard rock. I like most songs for the music because it helps to clear my head and really bring me into my own wonderful world. Sometimes it’s about the lyrics, because I do like a lot of songs because of beautifully written lyrics. But for me, rock is my way to escape a crazy life and get back to being excited about living it again.

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  2. Anna Marie says:


    Thank you for sharing your music taste! I listened to the songs and must say I do appreciate the rock genre. I confess as well, I don’t know these songs (except for Katy Perry, who doesn’t know Katy Perry?) or this genre very well. I usually am pretty diversified in music but I think the reason I stray from hard rock is because I like my music to calm me down or excite me and sometimes hard rock can sound pretty angry! I love that you said rock can make you excited about living again. I feel like that is exactly how music should make you feel. Music is so personal and it really makes sense why a person could fall in love with hard rock. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I hope you keep sharing your thoughts with mine!

    Anna Marie


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