Self Implosion is a Real Thing

Oh the beauty of free time. Without it, we all may crash and burn or otherwise lose our minds.

To this day, I struggle a little bit with taking out personal time when I could be doing something productive. I used to really feel like I was wasting my time until I realized that if I don’t take a step back and slow down, I would self implode. It’s a real thing you guys and its called a mental breakdown. That’s why finding how much time you need to just shut down for a little while could really help you change your mood from tired and crabby to focused and calm.

I’m sure everyone has experienced that hectic day where you work or go to class all day long and when you get home you have to make supper or do homework or start on laundry. By the time you crawl underneath the blankets, you realize that you didn’t take one moment to even think about something you enjoy.

Walking through the campus nature reserve. 2015.

Walking through the campus nature reserve. 2015.

I used to get caught up in this way too much. I truly thrive off of other people’s energies and I do like to stay occupied. Knowing this about myself, I would jam pack my schedule and join as many activities as possible to have fun and keep me busy. However, once I did this for quite a long time, I realized how toxic it was becoming.

When you are stuck in a routine that demands commitment and you bite off way more than you can chew, important things in your life begin to feel the effects of that. Last semester, I would be so worn out that I wouldn’t feel like making time for friends and I started mixing up my priorities. I didn’t study as much but began worrying about my work schedules more and more. I wasn’t running as much as I used to and I was a lot touchier than I used to be. My relationships with my friends were dwindling and I didn’t even have the energy to call them up. It wasn’t until I had a break over the holidays that I realized what was missing.

Having some time to yourself during the day is so important. For a person who thrives off of building relationships with others, I still need at least an hour or two every day to just sink into my thoughts and not worry about others. I’ll spend it reading, writing on Inspired She Lives, watching Netflix or even cleaning up the apartment. Anything that calms me down and let’s me forget about everyone and everything else for a little while. I realized that being alone is crucial to my sanity. Although, it also depends where I am alone.

Some people love the calm atmosphere of coffee shops or the quietness of a library to relax in but my ideal alone space is somewhere in my apartment. When I think about quieting my mind, I can’t be around anyone else except for my one and only boyfriend. Sometimes, I find that even the right places can’t stop my mind from roaring through the check list that is life. That’s why it’s so important to detach yourself.

Reading and coffee makes life an indie song. 2015.

Reading and coffee makes life an indie song. 2015.

When I just can’t take it anymore, I do one of three things. I take a bath in complete silence, put my phone on night mode and stick it where I can’t see it, or go for a walk. It all depends on what the situation. Clear minds are what are going to help you through a tough day and without taking a little time to breathe, you may start to realize that you’re suffocating your own happiness.

Maybe it won’t be as bad as you think. If you are way too busy for your own good then force yourself to take a break. Even if you have a lot of free time, set aside one hour for you to do something you enjoy. This time can be used for anything but make it worth it. Making one hour yours can really make you feel a lot happier going into the rest of the day. At least, it’s worked for me so far.

How do you guys de-stress and un-mess? Share your secrets because we all know how much they’re needed!

Until next time,

Anna Marie

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