Dance With Me

As a three year old girl, my mom said I couldn’t stop moving my little butt so naturally, she put me in dance class and my whole world changed.

I was in ballet, jazz and tap and absolutely loved every second of it. As an 11 year old, I started helping my teacher teach 3 year olds how to dance and started making up routines at home. After I got my 10 year award at my studio, I graduated out of the program and joined my high school’s dance team which sucked miserably and dissolved after my sophomore year.

I didn’t realize how much I missed dance until my freshman year in college when I was able to take a class as a general education requirement. I joined into some zumba classes as well and realized that dancing was such a good release from stressful days.

Even though dance wasn’t as big in my life anymore, I still loved watching it. I became a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance and movies like Center Stage and Step Up. There was just something about the movements and details that made dance so beautiful. To show you a little of what I love to watch, I included a video of Chloe Lukasiak (recognizable from Dance Moms) doing a beautiful routine. Watch it and I guarantee you you will understand why I love dance.

Somehow, dance is very unrecognized when it comes to all of the other activities and sports kids can join. What people don’t realize is how tough dance is. You are completely supporting your own weight and controlling your limbs to move in precise angles and shapes. Sound easy? Even when you think you have a move down, you might still look ridiculous because the technique great dancers have is absolutely incredible.

I have always been a huge admirer of dancers and wish that I would have stuck with it when I was younger. I will see videos cross my news feed from time to time and be in complete awe of what some of these dancers can do with their bodies.

STOP: Hammer time…

The best part about dancing is that you don’t have to be good at it to have fun. You can look absolutely ridiculous and still be put in a better mood. Not to mention dancing gives you a work out! Zumba anyone? What I’m saying is that even though I can’t do all of the special things I used to do when I was younger, I can still do that side step bobbing thing you see at high school proms that make you feel good. That’s all I need.

So dance it up from time to time. From dance parties with your roommate to weird dancing when you’re home alone, own it and do it because you know it will make you a little happier. At least, it’s something to this day- watching or doing- that makes me happy.

Enjoy your weekends and dance this Valentine’s Day away!

Until Monday,

Anna Marie ❤

One thought on “Dance With Me

  1. Sonia Maverick says:

    I absolutely love dancing as well! I didn’t attend dance lessons for very long when I was younger, because they were too far away from where I lived, so I was always late and missed at least half of each lesson. So I decided it was not worth it, and the only thing I regret is not going to any dance lessons now but the same problem persists… So, yeah, I do other things to get a good workout but I really miss dancing! Too bad you can’t go to a club anymore just to dance because there are too many creeps these days (like 99% lol!)

    Anyway, off topic, but I totally get what you mean.

    Liked by 1 person

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