Reasons You Need To Love Your Body

Our lives are filled with airbrushed ads, sexual campaigns, new dieting tricks and size zero models. Then people tell us to love ourselves. We think, how. 

In a world that spins on defining beauty, it’s hard to live up to the expectations the media sets for us. That’s why I’m here to add to the voices that need to be turned up. It’s painful to hear how many of my close family and friends bash themselves for the way the look. It’s equally as painful to hear myself chime in with my own insecurities.

Flaws become a contest to see who has it worse or to fish out those compliments that give us some of our self-worth back. Because we lose it way too fast and much to easy.

You should love your body for so many different reasons. So please, do your mind and yourself a favor and believe in what I say.

Your body is a tool. It is a beautiful tool that allows you to do many things. Run, walk, dance, hug, kiss, make love, hold a child, climb a mountain, swim across seas, build incredible projects, fight wars and so much more. You underestimate your body. Don’t do that.

Your body will work with you. Have you ever joined a sport? Did you notice yourself getting better? Your body adapted to the skills you wanted it to learn and that task became easier. The harder you work with your body the more results you see.

You only have one body. You only get one body to use in your lifetime. I’m sure you can think of someone who is missing a part of their body. I can think of a few who have made their lives meaningful and proved that having an ‘imperfect’ body can still get them to inspiring heights.

You need to love your body. Of course exercise is good for your body. Take care of the tool you have and go on a walk and be mindful of what you eat. Coming from a girl who skips runs and enjoys Taco Bell, you don’t have to be perfect to keep your body healthy.

You’re your own worst critic. You judge yourself harsher than you would ever judge another person. You notice every single pimple, freckle and scar. If you could see yourself through someone else’s eyes, you would be shocked to find how they might notice you in a completely different way. Breathe in and find something to love about your body.

Comparing is deadly. There are not two people in this world who have the exact same body, inside and out. Why would you compare an apple to an orange or a banana to a pineapple when they are all just different versions of fruit? That’s what we are. Different versions of human beings.

It’s okay to feel sexy or good about yourself. People think that feeling a certain way about themselves might make others think they are cocky or self-absorbed. When you walk past a mirror and you notice you are having an extra good hair day, rock the rest of your day with that confidence. The best way to improve your self-image is to tell yourself what you love about you.

This fight isn’t easy. We are battling against years of messages installed into our beings. That’s why we need to stand up to recognize what our bodies our for and appreciate our bodies so we can take care of them. If we take care of our bodies, they will be able to hang in there with us.

Love your body! Word on the street is it can do some pretty incredible things.


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