It’s 40 Degrees in Wisconsin and Everyone’s Freaking Out

Today in central Wisconsin, it hit 40 degrees and as soon as I stepped into the sunshine, my entire life changed. Okay, that’s super dramatic, but I really did feel my mood instantly lift and when I realized my face wasn’t hurting because of frigid air and wind, I smiled pretty wide.

Kiss winter goodbye.

Kiss winter goodbye.

For those of you who don’t know much about Wisconsin weather, let me give you a taste. I live in dead center Wisconsin where it is the coldest temperatures in the winter. Once you hit mid-October, you know hell is starting to freeze over because you are in it. When December rolls around you are okay with winter but you know your patience is about to be tested as soon as mid-January stabs into your life.

That’s when you are living in frozen hell. You’ll look at your weather app and see the high for the day is -17 and want to cry. Then it gets worse when you look at the “feels like” part of the app where you see -35. The past two winters my town got to -70 with wind chills. You put on two jackets and your warmest hat and gloves but nothing can protect you from the wind biting your face as soon as you step into the cold. Frostbite can take over in five minutes and yet, your college classes won’t be cancelled.

This pleasant temperature can last anywhere from one to two months or more if mother nature really hates us that much. Then as March approaches you know it’s going to play you until you cry. You have a day that hits about 30 degrees and tears of happiness leak from your eyes. It hits 40 and you throw your winter coat in the closet. 50 degrees and everyone breaks out their flip flops.

Summer is on its way.

Summer is on its way.

April is wet and promising as temperatures start climbing and you breathe in the smell of spring air. Once May hits you’re so alive and cheery its unbearable. Summer lasts until September and then it cools off and the cycle begins again.

The moral of this story is how appreciative I am that winter is coming to an end. I am not fond of the cold season but in effort to be positive, I always look forward to the smell of spring and the feel of sunshine. So today, my friends, is a really good day. It is, in my eyes, the first day of spring and the glorious end to another long and cold winter.

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie

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