Insecurities Are Smothering

Since the dawn of time, us humans have tried to make ourselves better. That’s why there is education and careers. That’s also why there is plastic surgery and fashion. How weird is it that those two go together?

Wanting to improve yourself is a steadfast way to becoming who you want to be and there are fundamentals that get you up to par with the rest of our expectations in society. Reading, writing, social norms, etc. All of these things are skills you learn because it is what’s acceptable and expected of you. Once you graduate high school (in the common case that you will) you finally have a say in what further improvements you want to make on yourself, if any.

You can go to college, enter a steady career, move away from home, join the service and so many other options. On the other hand, you can also stay home.

Once we mill about our lives in our teen years, we start to realize our insecurities as we begin to notice other expectations surrounding us. Fashion standards, beauty standards, athletic standards, academic standards… all of these standards can make us feel like we have to be up to par with the rest of the world so we can be recognized as an adequate human being.

Then we begin to notice deep rooted insecurities that come from our pasts. Such as craving attention from parents who never gave it to you that makes you feel like you’re not good enough. Even when you are. Trust issues that stem from putting your faith in others that only backfires and hurts you. But not all people are bad. Picking on and bullying those around you because you aren’t treated well somewhere else in your life. Even when they don’t deserve it. 

All of these insecurities lead you to act a certain way and BECOME a certain person. Even if you don’t realize it. When we have all of these expectations and standards floating around us, it’s hard to get an A on every test that is given to us. How are we suppose to be everything? How are we suppose to stand out in a sea of people trying to become everything?

Focus on your values and your morals. Focus on what makes you the person you love and what could make you better. It’s hard to see how your past implicates your future but understand that it does. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is confidence. It’s something we must continuously do to accept what we are insecure about and even embrace them as we move forward.

So here’s a to a day filled with baby steps of making a yourself an even better you.

Until next week,

Anna Marie ❤

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