Magic Lives in Movies

We willingly go into a theater that can leave us heartbroken, angry or searching the corners of our minds for answers. We know half the story line before we purchase our ticket and as we sit down in the dimly lit theater, we take our first step into the magic a movie theater can offer.



As the music plays and people trickle in, we chuckle and talk-whisper about the drama in our day. We overhear people guess about what’s going to happen or how the movie will be.

We anxiously check the time on our phones until the lights fade out and trailers start playing, adding on to your list of must-sees. When the opening titles hit the screen, we turn our bodies toward the screen and get a wave of excitement for the journey that’s about to begin.

The movies that create magic grab our attention from beginning to end. We are so involved in the movie that time is irrelevant and you don’t realize how emotionally invested you are until the climax hits you hard. At this point, one particular emotion can slam into your soul until the movie ends. Sometimes you find a sweet ending, sometimes you are left with this emotion that will be on your mind for the rest of the day.

Great movies will do this to you. When you think of a movie for the rest of the day, that is a movie that deserves a round of applause. It’s different for everyone, of course. You won’t love every movie, that’s why there are so many in the world.

It’s a mini-getaway. It’s a place that can take your mind off your troubles and give you an escape that can make you feel inspired or just happy.

And to me, that’s pretty magical.

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie ❤

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