282 Words About Office Drama

I work in a professional environment at a University and the drama and gossip I hear is outrageous. I hear half of my co-workers bashing co-workers and roommates talking about each other behind their back the second one of them leaves.

Honestly? It’s driving me insane. I am one of a few staff members who sits quietly and listens to all of this but after everything I’ve heard these past few months, I am about ready to scream. I have no idea how this behavior will work in the real world when we graduate college and must be adults in our careers. I love my job but some times the people make it quite disappointing.

I know the real world will have some of these offices too, but I will never choose to be a part of one. Quite frankly, I’m really sick of listening to people say one thing and act another.

So rising above it? Yes. I’ll keep my mouth shut, eyes wide in disbelief, and make mental notes that I would never befriend these people outside of a work environment.

I could confront them. Yet, is it really worth it? I make them mad, they don’t listen, they continue to talk. So I won’t say anything until they hurt a friend. I’ll talk with the workers I’ve gotten to be really close to and do my best to plug my ears to the words of those who must talk poorly about others.

It’s sad that in my college career, I sometimes feel like I’m back in high school.

If you have any glorious pointers for what I could do, please PLEASE comment below.

Until tomorrow,

Anna the Frustrated Student-Worker