Photography in the Dark

I was asked by a friend to help her capture her emotional side through photography in order to use those pictures for a great project she is working on.

This project, named Warrior, is meant to bring awareness to domestic abuse and create a community for those who have been involved in abusive relationships or suffered consequences because of one.

This girl is always quite bubbly, so I wasn’t sure how we could bring out the emotion we needed to get these pictures to stand out against normal photography.

After we met up at around 9 p.m., we searched all over a few buildings on campus for the perfect lighting. We couldn’t find it. Instead, we walked outside into the misty rain and started shooting in what light we had. I shot on manual and was having a really hard time without a tripod.

Looking through my camera, I wasn’t seeing anything incredible until we moved in front of a huge mural that is lit up at night on our University campus. As I started taking pictures, I became super excited about the red glow and as I edited, it was just what the picture needed.

Enjoy yourselves in looking at the photography for the Warrior project.

ALLIE 094 ALLIE 256ALLIE 126 ALLIE 151   ALLIE 288 ALLIE 304ALLIE 290 ALLIE 296  ALLIE 305 ALLIE 314 ALLIE 271ALLIE 331 (2)

Comment below thoughts, suggestions, questions or anything really.

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie

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