Too Busy to Write a Blog

I’ve said it. I’m swamped. I am ocean deep in projects and papers that are due too soon, swimming in loads of tasks for my job and overwhelmed by friendships I am keeping or not keeping up with. I am a crazy busy person and I will blame it on those pesky college years where you’re expected to devote your lives to being a super student.

In reality though, let’s break one week down.

My teachers say I should spend at least 4 hours a week looking over material, doing homework or reading for a class. 4 hours per five classes I am taking.

Well, there is 168 hours in a week, 20 should be spent on studying and doing course homework, I work 20 hours a week as well as another 4 volunteering which brings me down to 104 hours.

I spend on average 9 hours a day sleeping, 1.5 hours a day eating/enjoying a meal, 2 hours a week showering, 9 hours working out per week and 13.5 hours a week in a classroom which leaves 26 hours of free time in a week. Now try calculating all of the time I spend getting ready to go somewhere and actually traveling somewhere and you could probably cut that down to 19 hours of free time.

What would you do with 19 hours a week? About 2.5 hours a day? Well, sometimes it feels like I don’t have the determination to write this blog. After papers and projects, the last thing I want to look at sometimes is a computer. So in this hectic last month of my Junior year of college, bare with me if the blog posts are shorter or I skip a day. After all, I’m human you know.

So today I might be a hypocrite. I don’t like saying “I’m busy” because usually it means that you’re not making time to do something you would like to but in this case, breathing and alone time over trumps some things I really enjoy. I truly am I frantic kind of busy in these approaching weeks.

So if you’re a student as well, best of luck to you and stay strong in your semester. If not, give a college kid a hug next time you meet one, they probably need it.

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie

P.S. I love irony.

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