Vision Blog: What I Want Most

Since I am an avid lover of all things photography, I have decided to start something new on Inspired She Lives today. I am going to start doing a weekly post on Thursdays that use pictures (still or moving) to describe a story.

Here is post number one.

Yesterday, for a class I am taking, I had to draw up a ten year vision plan. I was asked to picture my life and pretend that I am at my absolute best potential or happiness. Then I had to decide, why? Who was surrounding me, what was I doing, what had I accomplished, etc. For a student in college who has not entered the “real world”, I was really freaked out by this worksheet.

I know how much things change and if I look back even five years from where I am today, I could not have imagined all of the things I accomplished. I couldn’t imagine the person I would have turned into and there is no way I could have predicted the memories I would make.

It was quite overwhelming to think about that far into the future but it made me realize what I want most in this world and I unknowingly put a hierarchy to my dreams. Below, I provided a small collage of pictures to SHOW you what I feel like I truly want most in this world. These pictures give insight into what I hope to be the “why” I am happy or at my best.  (Pictures all found on Pinterest)

Gorgeous destination wedding: | Photography: Tamiz -

This engagement shoot is perfect - Sincerely, Kinsey: Nathan + Sarah | EngagedBonfires with best friends are always fun
I'm not even entirely sure what I like about this photo, but I like it.I had a dream that I tried to killed her. She wasn't scared. She was laughing at me.

Ingrid Bergman on the set of We, the Women, 1953Cool photo with image ... would be great for graduation, I think.  I really love this idea.

So here it is, a mini vision board if you would. Something to aspire to and something to look forward to.

It’s quite fun, you should make one yourself.

Until Next Time,

Anna Marie

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