Children Movies are also Secretly for Adults

I had a great realization yesterday.

When I was little, one of the movies I really liked was The Road to El Dorado. If you know the movie, you must have had a wonderful childhood. In short, it’s about two guy friends that look for a city of gold, find it and must save it from the Spanish invaders who just want its riches.

As I am reliving my middle school days, I was praying that the movie would still be as lovely as I thought it was when I was little. Has this ever happened to you? You loved a movie when you were little but as you get older and re-watch it, you don’t see the magic in it anymore? So sad.

Anyways, I sit down and watch this movie because I saw it went on Netflix and was really hoping it wouldn’t make me sad. GOOD NEWS my wonderful readers, it made me super nostalgic but also made me laugh and appreciate the movie all over again.

As I was sitting there watching it, there were a few moments that were definitely adult humor that as a kid, I never caught on to. Seriously, I was amazed that I never remembered any of the jokes that appealed to the parents that probably watched this movie with their kids. I found it hilarious. That’s when it dawned on me.

I have watched quite a few Disney movies and such over the past few years to relive my favorite moments from my childhood and I know that there are jokes in those movies that appealed to the audience that was forced to sit and watch a movie with a younger child. I found it so entertaining. I realized how GENIUS this was for these types of movies.

For example, I love Madagascar. One of my favorite parts completely blew my mind when I was introduced to what I am about to share with you.

Oh, Sugar Honey Iced Tea. Do you see it now? Ah, it’s brilliant.

Another loved one from Shrek that I never picked up as a child.

Compensating for something, eh?

And the great one I discovered after doing a little bit of digging on the internet a couple weeks ago. Toy Story’s Hooker.

Get it? Haha. Pretty clever.

I will never watch my favorite children’s movies the same.

Google more, it’s truly entertaining.

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie

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