Planning Your Road Trip

Itching to hit the road? For those who cannot wait to get in a car and drive, I came up with a game plan to make the road plan as you start planning your road trip.

1. Who is going with you? Ask around and see which of your friends are willing to go on a road trip, that way you can start matching schedules.

2. How much time do you have? This is what will dictate how far you can go and to how many places you will be able to see. Figure out a chunk of time that you can escape and if possible, get dates ready so you can start seeing if there are any events on the road you could take part in.

3. Where do you want to go? You can’t do the entire United States in a week. Here is how you can narrow down where you want to go. Think of a few landmarks that you have been dying to see. Maybe it’s Mount Rushmore or maybe it’s Times Square, decide on a place you need to see and start looking at different attractions around it. If you find a group of places you could reach within a few days of road tripping, that’s where you can begin.

I recommend using a website that can help you with mileage, gas costs and find you accommodations and near by attractions around you. I use but use whatever you  find/like. I really enjoy that website because it’s super easy to use and is really helpful with surrounding information. This way you can easily switch the order of places you go and rearrange attractions in the way they are ordered.

4. Know how many hours you want to drive a day, include time for stopping for attractions a long the way. This could very well be the hardest part of planning. Who knows exactly how much time you will need for each place you want to visit. Try to do some research to see what people have said about the attractions you are willing to stop for. That way you can hopefully get to know how much time you might need in each city/place.

5. Book where you will be staying. Once you are confident in where you will be staying book ahead if you’re going during a busy season (like summer). That way you don’t have to worry about where you will be sleeping. Unless you want to be a camper, then pack a tent and look up some campsites.

6. Plan for snacks and food during the trip. Of course! You’ll never know if you might get hungry while you’re a couple hours away from the nearest gas station. It could happen right? Bring some water while you’re at it.

7. Plan on road games and CDs to keep the mood light. You don’t want to hate the people you are traveling with so back some great road games and CD’s to keep entertained.

8. Expect something to not go as planned. When traveling across states, you will probably encounter something you didn’t think of. Construction, weather, closed attractions, etc. Something may go wrong but just remember to roll with it and move on. It might make the adventure that much more worth it.
Hopefully this can get you started in planning out the right places to go. Get moving, get planning, and hit the road!
Until tomorrow,
Anna Marie

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