Summer Days, New Ways

It is officially summer for those college kids who have been crying over their last finals and praying for the projects to end.

This summer, I have a lot of trips planned and memories to be shared and cannot wait to see what the sunshine brings. To start, I have decided that this summer is going to focus a lot on myself. I am going to start new habits and new routines that will make me feel like the days I have nothing to do are filled to the brim with relaxation, learning and happiness and I feel like you should do the same if you have the opportunity to.

Starting off small, I created an imaginary list of things I enjoy and how I can incorporate that into my summer.

Here are a few hobbies I am adding to my list. I feel like by doing a few things I wasn’t able to do during a hectic semester, I will feel a lot better about how I am making use of my time. Take ideas from me or add to them, either way it’s time to take advantage of the better weather and abundance of hours.

Reading plenty of books: Have I ever mentioned what I book worm I used to be? I can’t say I still am because I honestly haven’t had time in the past school year to pick up a new novel. However, summer is the best time to reconnect with novels I have wanted to read and to get lost in stories that aren’t my own.

Yoga/Fitness: Ahhhh the excuses I was able to make during school. Most of them were true, but this summer I want to amp up my work out routine now that I have plenty of time for it. I am hoping to hit harder into yoga and find other fun activities at my local campus fitness building (free group classes!) or just even taking a walk by the river.

Photography/Videography: I have had a few friends ask me to do some projects for them which I know will keep me busy before I head on these sporadic trips I have planned throughout the summer. I will be honing my editing skills and looking for new ways to challenge myself because this summer is all about advancing what I know I can do.

Cooking: My mac and cheese game is strong but I need to learn how to cook an actual meal. I plan on looking up a few simple recipes and mastering them by the end of the summer. This has never been a strong suit of mine but I figure that if I have time on my hands I won’t mind learning a new skill.

Blogging up a storm: with YOU! That’s right. Now I am able to focus more on Inspired She Lives and amp up ideas, content, engage with you all and so much more! I am excited that today is the start of an incredible summer ahead. I am looking forward to what it will bring.

What are your summer goals? Think of them in your head and hop to it!

Today isn’t going to make itself great, you’re going to have to push it along.

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie

2 thoughts on “Summer Days, New Ways

  1. Pores for Thought says:

    I’ve got a to-do list for this summer too and it pretty much matches yours! My big one is to start being more active and getting into healthy eating. With all this revision I’ve been eating far too much processed rubbish. Great post! xxx


    • Anna Marie says:

      I am glad to hear that! I love the idea of getting into a healthier lifestyle. That is definitely my goal with cooking and fitness. I am usually the kind of gal that throws in a pizza due to a busy day and lack of effort. Thank you for reading! xx Anna Marie

      Liked by 1 person

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