We Loved With a Love That Was More Than Love

Flashback to when you were 16 years old. When you were either in the midst of your first love or dreaming of a love that was written by the stars. When a kiss was the blossoming of a crush and a hug connected you to another soul. When all we dreamed of was hearts and roses and never feared that we may fall down.

Imagine a  love that doesn’t happen in the movies but that happens in the lives that surround us. For those who dream of love or are blessed to have it, here is an ode to you.

To love someone is to first introduce yourself. To exchange “hellos” and run into each other until you plan on seeing them again. It is to start to understand their being and recognize a familiarity of yourself in that person yet to see something a little bit different or special. It is to feel an undeniable connection that has no reason, only feeling.

It is “yes” to dates, breaking down walls and allowing yourself to miss them. Love happens slowly and then all at once. You feel yourself starting to crave another person until you can’t imagine a life without them. They become your best friend, your confidant and your biggest fan. Their success makes you excited and their strength inspires you to be better.

As you move through time, you become aware of quirks and annoyances and figure out the differences you have. It’s a roller coaster of emotions that send you spiraling into confusion because you are starting to realize that there isn’t such a thing as a perfect person for you. You will eventually realize that the person you kiss goodnight every evening is not your 100% match but they are everything you could have possibly hoped for.

This is what loving with a love that is deeper and stronger. I am so young and cannot even begin to understand the depth of love I could accomplish by the time I am sipping coffee on a porch swing in my 80s, staring at the man who gave me everything.

Just a few days ago, I was talking with an elderly couple. The kind man told me “when I was 21, I thought I loved her more than I ever could. Now, I look at how much stronger my love is for her compared to all of those years ago. We’ve been married over 55 years, but it does not seem that long at all.”

To hear this was to be inspired by love. To aspire to be loved and love in that way. To remind me how truly blessed I am to have found someone I could see myself saying these words to 55 years from now.

To love is to open yourself to someone and let them into your life so you can grow together. It is to constantly care about another person and always wish well for their dreams and their future.

Love is inspiring, challenging and beautiful. Love is powerful.

Until Next Time,

Anna Marie ❤

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