Today’s post isn’t very inspiring but it’s real. Sometimes the inspiration is looking up into the eye of the storm and raising your middle finger to the sky because you know you are going to make it through the thunder and lightning.

So here it goes.

The sky is crying. Sunshine is taking a break and the clouds are protecting the sun from having to be so bright and happy today. I want nothing more than to stand in the rain and let it wash away the thoughts, doubt and any pain I have been through.

The rain drops can hit my skin and take the poison from my mind and I’ll feel them roll down my face until they fall from me and sink into the ground.

I’ll let my mood fall into alignment with the clouds for today. I’ll pretend they are protecting me like they are protecting the sun from having to always be shining. I can be a little bit dull today, I deserve a day like that.

A smile will cross my face because I know how deeply I feel and how strong a person has to be in order to brave the emotions that come with a giving heart.  I will laugh in the rain because I will feel the self-doubt drip down my sides and recognize the worth I have in myself.

I might cry in the rain to let myself know that I am not going to numb what I have experienced in my life.

I know that every step forward is progress that has taken work. Even if you feel like you have fallen miles behind.

I know that love is surrounding me. Love is all I need.

My mind just gets in the way sometimes.

I’ll make it out of this little hell.

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie

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