My Birthday Is Half Jinxed 

I’ve been here 21 years today. 21 years and I can’t believe how different my life is from 1, 2, 3 years ago. 

Birthdays are so strange. It’s supposed to be your special day but for some reason, my birthdays always fall just a little bit flat. I get hit in the face with a softball, I get in a fight with a friend or my so called thing of a boyfriend forgets it all together. That’s the past and I think it’s jinxed now. Or half jinxed. Every other year something insane happens. Inevitably, something happens really close to my birthday. So can I just give it back? Just kidding. Kind of. 

Only because the bad always leads to something great. I love the constant reminders of friends and family saying I love you and make this day your best.  I love the smiles I get and sometimes even a little special treatment from those closest to you. It makes me appreciate the ones around me and I hug them just a little bit tighter. 

My 21st. The big one in the US. No, I’m not going to get smashed and take 21 shots. I’m not going to live off of a checklist. I’m going to grab those who love the crap out of me and buy my first bottle of wine. I’ll probably go to a bar just because I can and have shenanigans with my best friends because we have an excuse to be over the top happy. 

I’m going to jam my favorite songs and throw glitter in the air because while this birthday didn’t go as originally expected, it is going to be damn good. Whatever jinx catastrophe that keeps happening will subside into a night of stars and laughter. I deserve it. 

Most importantly, I want to thank you. You as an individual person no matter how many people read this. Thanks for taking the time to care. Thank you for supporting me in my writing and for following along on this insanity I form into a life. Thank you for being someone I consider important to me. You’ve truly given me the best present ever and that is support and a little bit of love. ❤ 

Happy Birthday to the other souls born on this day and make today the most spontaneous one yet.

Until next time, 

Anna Marie 

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