The Quirky San Francisco

It’s a compliment! When I usually think of traveling to experience a whole new lifestyle, I think of going abroad. Little did I know that you could experience the same kind of awe and amazement in your own country. I know that not all places in the USA are the same, but I did not expect to see so many unique features in just a few days spent in San Francisco and I fell in love. What a beautiful, quirky city.

I flew in to the airport at 5:30 p.m. and from there, was picked up by family. Just on the drive to the hotel I saw mountains (at least to me, they’re probably considered hills) and bright colors splashing the unique architecture. Homes were attached side by side, all holding unique gates, windows or an extremely bright paint job.

When we drove into the city, I was awed by the mixture of old and new buildings. Beautiful brick infrastructure that stretched on for several blocks and new modern cafes that looked like a box sliced with windows and an entrance. The streets were flooded with orange Giants fans headed to the AT&T Park.

The hotel was gorgeous and the waitstaff was so kind to us. They gave us suggestions for night time fun, restaurants and the best places to dance the night away. So of course, that’s what we did. We grabbed a burger and went out to dance the night away at a nearby dance club. I’m not going to lie, I was out of my comfort zone but everyone I met was so nice and it wasn’t a tons of horny adults trying to have sex on in the midst of a crowd. What a relief.

The next day was jam packed and an absolute blast. I explored with my cousin and her man. Listing all of the fun things we did:

DSC_00081. Union Square- For a poor college kid, walking into Union Square made me feel almost ridiculous. I was surrounded by Saks, Tiffany’s, Gucci and so many other expensive stores. Out of curiosity, we went into Tiffany’s just to see what kind of insane diamonds they had and it was a dream. I saw the prettiest ring of my entire life, it sparkled a hundred different colors and was so shiny it looked animated. ALL for the price of… wait for it… $58,000!!! WHAT! I just about crapped when I heard what someone would actually pay for this. It was pretty but I’d rather buy a car or two with that kind of money.

When you walked into some of these stores, they would size you up and know if you were there for sight-seeing or to shop. Most stores didn’t even have prices out because if you’re in Union Square, you probably don’t care how much something is. It was insane.

Union Square also has these heart statues that they change every so often which was so neat to see. The day I was there, there was one filled with polaroids and one filled with how to say hello in many different languages. Of course, there is also a beautiful statue in remembrance of the Philippine-American War.


2. Fisherman’s Wharf- This place was so crowded but so unique. There were old looking shops along the coast with tons of sea food eateries and touristy gift shops. We did a wine tasting in which I had the best wine I’ve ever had (I’m in Wine Country now) and tasted some pretty good cheese to go along with it. We ate at a seafood restaurant and watched street performers do their thing. There were beautiful views of the ocean. You could see Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.


3. The World’s Most Crooked Street- We somewhat stumbled across this gem. It was so unique to see and was really crowded with a long line of cars who wanted to drive down the street. The flowers around the street were breathtaking along with the view of the city.


4. Ghiradelli- We went and saw the original chocolate factory and tasted some delicious chocolate and ice cream. YUM.

DSC_01445. Full House House- For all of you fans out there who loved this show as much as I did, we did a quick stop and found the house and took pictures of it. It looks different from how it did years ago of course but IT’S THE HOUSE.

6. Golden Gate Bridge- How can you go to San Fran and NOT see one of the most iconic bridges in the world?! In person, this bridge is absolutely majestic. It’s huge and the skyline of SF behind it just adds to the drama. The color, the ocean, the size… it all plays in to what makes this iconic bridge so grand.


Another fun thing about San Francisco which I kind of mentioned is the different kind of homes and buildings you see. The architecture is so different from what I have seen around the USA so far. It’s really different and beautiful. Also, the streets are SO hilly and angled. It’s insane how slanted they are. If it were to ever snow there, all of the cars would be sliding into one another. People who live there probably have killer calves.

That’s a nice summary of my time in this grand and quirky city. I definitely recommend seeing it for yourself as soon as possible.

Until Tomorrow,

Anna Marie

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