The Good (Every Day) Life

Of course I’m going to name this blog post after a song written by my favorite band of all time. (That’s One Republic… listen to them.)

But they have inspired me to stop thinking about all of the things I don’t have in my life and to start appreciating the good things that I DO have.

It’s such an easy thing to do, isn’t it? I wish I had a nicer car, a better apartment, true love, a best friend or perfect muscles. We get lost in wishes instead of thanking the universe for what we already have in our lives.

I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had to travel, the friends and family I have gotten so close to recently, the ability my body has to take me on adventures, a comfortable bed and an amazing support system.

So I decided to make a list that I hope you guys and gals can relate to. It’s a list of every day things that really make me happy. It’s appreciating what you do have that makes you happy and THAT is what creates a good life.


I love a good laugh with others.

Hold tight hugs.

Really savoring coffee when I do drink it.

Walking barefoot in grass/sand.

Feeling squeaky clean after a shower.

Finding an outfit that makes you wink at your own reflection whenever possible.

The smell of an impressively wonderful shampoo or perfume.

Sitting down with your plate after cooking it and staring at the masterpiece you’ve created. (Pizza anyone?)

Drinking a big glass of water when you’re thirsty.

Playing with my hair.

The feeling of being in a really clean house right after you finish scrubbing and dusting.

The perfect temperature outside.

When your favorite song comes on.

Getting into a really good book.

Getting lost on Pinterest.

Getting a phone call from someone you love.

AND BOY… could I go on and on… 

When I think of all of these things that happen almost every day, I become so grateful for the small happiness that each one brings me. I am so lucky to be able to appreciate such weird things that I literally go through on a daily basis. It’s hard not to take them for granted but I told myself that when you’re focused on everything you’re missing out on, you are forcing your mind to think that you are have to fix it and therefore you can’t be happy.

I know that there are things that would make me extra happy right about now. A billion dollars. A car. Hawaii. But am I going to let those missing pieces cause me to feel like I can’t be happy? No.

The picture on the puzzle is still beautiful with a few missing pieces. You don’t have to have all of them in order to know what you want or what the bigger picture is. You can still have that puzzle as finished as possible until you stumble upon that next piece. Until then, let me tell you, people will still see the beauty if you can see it yourself.

So why don’t you reflect a little today. Think about five things that happen almost every day that make you happy. Enjoy them a little more than usual.

Until next time,

Anna Marie 🙂

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