You Don’t Have A Soulmate

My dreams resembled those we had when we were sixteen. To find true love and end up happily ever after. To be whisked away into the sunset in a romantic moment of bliss and passion.

Five years later, I don’t even believe in “the one” anymore. 

I think that this universe would be insanely cruel and vicious if they only placed one human being on this entire planet that is meant to be your “soulmate”. What if they die young? What if they make the mistake of marrying someone else? What if you never meet? Out of 7 billion people on this planet, I refuse to think that I only have one person out there who could make me truly happy.

Relationships are work. They take effort, appreciation, continuous motivation, sacrifice and an extreme amount of love. It takes zero effort to fall in love with someone which in my eyes can be substituted with pure infatuation. It takes time, commitment and patience to love someone after the the excitement fades.

You could meet the person that has absolutely everything on your checklist including the sparks between you (your perfect dream guy) but if they don’t want to work for your relationship then you’re not going to end up happy.

You can fall in love with several different people. That’s the easy part. The hard part is continuously falling in love with someone over and over again.

Love is somewhat terrifying. You are expected to grow with another person where all of a sudden you’re best friends, fiances, wives/husbands. People get scared. They take ten steps back because it’s easier to stop fighting for love than it is to completely surrender your entire self to another person.

You could meet “the one” but it could be horrible timing. Then what? You cry and wait 10 years before realizing they’re not the only one you may have out in the world for you?


Maybe when people say soulmate, they mean they need to find the person that will fight for them just as much as they fight for you. Someone who will love just as the others began to but then their love will surpass any passion and warmth you’ve ever felt before because they will give themselves to you.

An exchange of hearts.

So, no, I don’t quite believe in soulmates but I do believe in waiting for one of the right “ones” to come along. Maybe wait isn’t the right word. I’m not sitting around on a park bench waiting for a grand gesture from some prince who locks eyes with mine and knows I’m his future wife.

Waiting means that I will not throw myself into the arms of someone until I know for certain they could be one of my many soulmates I have roaming around the world.

One of the many men I could spend a future with. 

That’s it. We don’t have one soulmate. We have several. Only a few special souls that would fight to the ends of the earth and give themselves to you in the way you need it most.

Until Next Time,

Anna Marie

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