THIS Is What You Deserve

You deserve to love the way freckles kiss your face.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of your mind and the strength in not only knowing what you deserve but doing everything you can to be as deserving as you think you are.

You deserve the best night’s sleep. To wake up with a smile that fills you with ambition and energy throughout your day. To have the perfect ratio of creamer to coffee or to buy yourself a cup just because you’ve earned it.

You deserve sunshine warming your veins or the calming pitter patter of raindrops against your window. To feel purpose in what you do and appreciated for what you have done. To feel satisfied in your work yet able to know when to go home and enjoy the other side of your life.

You deserve to be loved by family. To not just know that they care about you but to feel it in their actions and words. To feel supported in your dreams and in your choices. To become more confident in the person you are becoming because of the confidence they instill in you. To feel more of a connection than just blood.

You deserve the best kind of friends. The ones who choose to be your family and will always let you soak their shirt with tears. The kind who will not judge you but push you forward and towards your own goals. Friends who will let you be weak when you can’t be strong and make you laugh when you are in darkness.

You deserve to love who you are.
  To call yourself beautiful.To have pride in where you’ve been and excitement for where you are going. To love the way your hips fit into jeans or how your hair falls around your shoulders. To know that you are worthy of love and to always appreciate the small moments.

You deserve to fall in love. You deserve butterflies. You deserve to wake up to soft kisses and arms tight against you. To laugh louder than ever before and to fall for your best friend. To fit so well with someone that you want to make fun of each others wrinkles and white hair one day.

You deserve happiness. But it can’t all fall into your lap as a gift from the sky. It has to start with YOU. Your attitude, your willingness to grow and push yourself, your determination and your patience all have a say in what you will get, regardless of what you deserve.

Treat the world in this way and you will find happiness in what comes back to you.

Until next time,

Anna Marie

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