Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland

dsc_0259 (2)

As my last day here comes to a close, I can’t believe a month has flown by so quickly. 

I met most of my extended family from Germany for the first time. I tried a horse patty. I ordered food in German without any help. I made friends whose first language isn’t my own.

I truly lived here for one month. 

I can’t explain the powerful vibes that come from a town that your ancestors have grown up in. I brushed dead leaves from the grave of my great Oma who’s name I now carry. I walked the same streets she did and hung out with the children of my dad’s German best friend.

These buildings hold memories that belong to generations of those who share the same blood. The sense of family and love that I get when I talk to the people who live here is unlike any place I have ever been before. 

As a stranger, it did not take me long to feel like I completely belong in this small town. Whoever said Germans aren’t friendly did not come to this little village.

I learned the coolest expressions and figured out that Germans cannot say the word ‘squirrel’. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to collapse on the pavement.

Needless to say the people I met here and the memories I made will stay in my heart forever.

This trip has been the most incredible first journey in this country. I am so blessed to have had this chance to make so many memories and I can’t wait to come back for more.

Until next time,

Anna Marie

I’ll Say It Again, Travel Heals You: Germany

Sometimes we get stuck. We get put in this place where moving forward is our only option but our environment won’t allow for it until certain things are taken care of. Our minds go into overdrive and our emotions lay bare. Our hearts pump blood a little faster and our hope spreads thin.

I was there. I was in this place where I wanted more than anything in the world to move forward and I was continuously dragged back into this dark place.

Germany was my haven.

The first two weeks here, I saw so many new things and took part in all of these common traditions and I started to forget the darkness I left. I felt alive.

A few days into my trip I started to wonder why I was keeping attachments to people and things that hurt me and so I did what any sane woman who was trying to move forward would do, I completely detached them from every aspect of my life. I did it for me so I could move forward and stop the thoughts from pouring in every time I saw their name.

It wasn’t until I realized my trip was half way over that I realized I hadn’t thought about anything happening back home for a few days now. A topic that shadowed my thoughts for months hadn’t even crossed my mind for a few seconds in the past few days.

Once again, travel was healing me.

When I sat in bed thinking of how incredible this moment was, tears filled my eyes. I saw myself and I recognized someone who looked like me but felt different. I felt stronger, passionate and more than anything, loved. I was surrounded by new friends and an amazing family and the love I felt was more genuine than anything I’ve known.

I laughed because I recognized someone who had made it through what I thought was impossible. The worst is over, now I can promise happiness to myself.

There is nothing more beautiful than realizing you made it through the worst part of a pitfall in your life. 

I used to reflect so much on this past summer and I haven’t done that for weeks now. I haven’t questioned, wondered or regretted anything. I haven’t relapsed or broken down and I don’t see that part of my life as I used to. I’m not blinded by emotion anymore and I see everything a lot more clear.

It’s crazy what happens to you when you are so close to a situation. Germany gave me the time to see that what happened to me was not a punishment in any way. It was a blessing in disguise in order for me to become who I want and go where I believe I deserve to go. It showed me how much love I need to come from myself so I can stop feeling the pain I had been in.

It only took the Atlantic Ocean and a different continent for me to finally feel like the storm is at it’s end. And once again, travel has healed me.

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie

Laughing in a Foreign Country

When I came to this little European small town, I never expected to meet so many people. I really didn’t expect to become such good friends with so many of them. Being here has given me the chance to be so extremely happy and I can’t believe my time here is coming to a close.

I know the question that will be asked over and over when I go home. What was your favorite part of the trip? The best way I found that answer?

I stayed in this town and lived like a local. The best way to answer it? Rattle off one of these answers from the list of favorites I have created. 🙂 Enjoy.

merryI went to the local fairs and festivals. We went on rides and discovered that German fair food includes Chinese noodles and chocolate covered fruit on a stick. YUM.

I wandered the cobblestone streets until I knew them as well as I know my home town. I still awe at the architecture and differences that make this country so unique.

I learned that they don’t refrigerate their milk or eggs and how convenient that would be if I could just take a few boxes home.

The cheese here just can’t match the tastiness of growing up in the US cheese state but their bratwurst and sauerkraut are to die for.

Every night, I take a walk with my sister on a trail that surrounds the entire town of Kriegsfeld and that more often than not, our walks will be intercepted by local friends who want us to join them for a night of crazy memories. If not, they’re filled with sunsets and sights that never get old.

Flunkyball is a game that taught me to chug a German beer faster than some men.

The stars here shine so much brighter because it’s not very populated and one night we laid in the grass as a group and watched a meteor shower. I saw about 25-30 shooting stars that night and I realized how happy I was when I couldn’t think of many wishes to put in the hands of the falling star. 

Making some yummy eggs!

If you stay out with friends until the wee hours of the morning, it is tradition to make eggs at someones house and then go home.

I’ve thought so much more about what I’m saying because I can’t speak complicated, messy sentences or no one will understand me. I have to be concise and simple. It taught me the important lesson of talking with a purpose.

Football (soccer) is life. We’ve been to the local town games and are adventuring to a big town game today.

The people are amazing. The girls and guys our age were so accepting and excited to talk to us. They were hilarious and never made us feel like outsiders.

The cart system at grocery stores make so much more sense. Pay a quarter and return the cart so there’s no mess and people put their carts away. Also, you have to pay for plastic bags. So bring your own reusable ones!

If you have any German language training at all, it is so different once you are here. The dialects make the language sound quite different than a classroom setting but being here for one month has definitely improved my understanding of some conversations.

Family is everything. They love you, care for you and spoil you. Without them, this experience would have never happened and they are the reason I had the time of my life.

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie

Why You Need To Stop Waiting for the “Right Time”

I’ve thought so much about this topic lately. The “right time”. What does it even mean? Is it when you get this magical wave of glitter that sparkles on your shoulder, letting you know that yes, you are indeed ready to be in love. 

Is it a ray of sunshine that warms your heart up, boiling it to the temperature needed to cook a committed relationship?

The right TIME? Please, I have a better chance of finding a unicorn raised by leprechauns. We are never going to experience the right time to do something and here’s why you need to stop waiting.

1. You’re missing out. 

Seriously, by never giving something your all or by putting your life on hold to wait for the time you feel is right, you’re missing out on all of the incredible journeys you could be taking. You’re missing out on lessons you could learn or a love that could rock you to your core.

2. You’re going to instill fear into your soul. 

By giving yourself the “right time” excuse you are justifying your fears. You are telling yourself that it’s not right for this time in your life and you’ll be ready somewhere down the road. Wrong. You’re never going to be ready. You need to learn to tighten your belt, strap on that helmet and run for the unknown at full speed. It takes so much more strength to open up and experience things outside of your comfort zone than it does to run away. Being cowardice won’t get you anything except a full-grown beard and a faint heart.

3. You’re going to always question when the “right time” actually is happening. 

Have you ever felt the right time punch you in the gut? Has it ever lightly tapped your shoulder and whispered in your ear to move forward? NO. Therefore, how do you know what it will feel like? You won’t because it’s imaginary. Now, you’re stuck questioning your life and its existence and the plan you’ve had all along.

4. You’re going to hurt people. 

If you’re belief is as strong as mine, you’ll be magnificently hurt by someone who tells you that it’s just not the “right time”. Mostly because you know it is some lame excuse that we use to justify our fear of diving into unfamiliar territory. I’m not fearless, but I know when I need to push myself and when I’m being a frightened mouse who skitters at the sight of dawn. If you are pushing tons of people away or not doing something due to “bad timing” then reanalyze your decisions. You do have choices.

5. Life doesn’t wait for you to make it memorable, it flies by and you’re wasting it. 

Be BOLD and BRAVE and SASSY. Let the whole world see the scars on your heart and love someone so much you explode into a mess of hearts whenever they look at you. Life will not wait for you to decide that it is the “right time” so instead of waiting for something, MAKE it happen. You’ll find that the more you push yourself, the easier it becomes to push yourself the next time down the road.

My gosh, I’m so sick of reading about people who blame their lives on bad timing. Some things happen for a reason but it’s your reaction and choice following that event that makes you the person you are today. Next time, be bolder than you ever thought possible and live so freely that fear itself cannot whisper through your mind. Do everything you want to do and live for YOU. 

Until Next Time,

Anna Marie

My Grandparents Love Story Is Everything

Born oceans apart, my grandparents fell into a story that starts with “once upon a time”. 

But before we go there, we need to understand something about a huge trip and a leap of faith.

The thing about traveling is it forces change upon you whether you’re ready or not. You’re in a new place with new people and in this case, a completely new culture. Your languages don’t match and the basics of every day living are different, like the way the bread and water tastes.

Leaving your comfort zone doesn’t begin to describe it. You aren’t used to the way people say hello to each other or the laws you are now abiding. You can’t put your finger on why the food tastes different or why the weather is just a little more dramatic then you’re used to.

This is the beauty that comes with traveling, especially to a place you’re staying for a few weeks or more. As I experience this town for the first time, I realize this is how my opa (grandpa) must have felt when he first came here back in 1958 as part of the U.S. Army. 

Northpoint, Kriegsfeld.

When I first explored this town, I was shown the army base my opa was sent to. I saw the barracks he lived in and the mess hall where he stuffed his face. I stared through a locked gate at the overgrown roads and crumbling structures that had such a huge impact on my family. I saw the building my oma (grandma), her sister and niece worked in and imagined the blacktop filled with busy feet marching and cultures clashing.

As I walked through the small town of Kriegsfeld, I stared at the restaurant where my oma and opa had their first date. I studied the coat rack where my oma had sent a little boy to retrieve her coat after ditching my opa at the dining table. I laughed at the idea that these two young kids had no idea the family they would create.


The restaurant where it all began.

It became so beautiful, to see these places for myself and hear their love story again. My oma, who barely spoke English, fell for the American army boy who barely spoke German. We drove the 10 Kilometers it took to get from the base to this small town and my opa would poke fun at the killer hills and swerving paths he took to walk all this way to see my oma. It wasn’t uncommon for the army boys to fall in love with the women in this town, he told me.

Somehow, the language barrier didn’t stop these two from falling for each other. Through late curfews and stolen motorcycle rides (my oma was driving) their love story began to unfold as two best friends that were in love.

I asked my oma what language she first said “I love you” to my opa and she responded with “German, but he didn’t understand what I was saying so it didn’t even matter.” Somehow, she must have got the message across because they’ve been married for 55 years now.

Taken this morning.

55 years is a remarkable time to be in love, I thought as I walked past the parking lot that used to be my oma’s home. This is the place she was born as well as where my aunt was born. She reminded me of how terrified she was to move to the United States where everything was so different from home.

But she did it anyways.

She said she lost so much weight from the ups and downs of her first year in America. She got her citizenship in a year in a half instead of the five years it usually took. She was scared in this new place that was her home and as she tells me this in completely perfect English, I realize that this woman is one of the bravest people I have ever met. 

My oma had love and that was it. The love for her husband and their new daughter gave her the strength to leave her home and everything she ever knew. She learned English by listening and became more aware of United States history than a native citizen. She made friends with a babysitter and local librarian who would help her learn as much as possible so she could become an American.

DSC_0147This is just small evidence of the courage she has. Every other year, she would fly back to this small town to reconnect with her family and friends and she’s been doing this for over 50 years now.

And now, I’m finally with her. I get to see every place she enjoyed as a teenager and enjoy them with the grandchildren of her friends. I get to meet my dad’s friends from his trips to Germany and make new friends of my own.

The history this town holds in my family is truly incredible and inspiring. 

The love story that unfolded in this town is one that I hope to be so blessed to find one day. A love that you would literally cross oceans for. 

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie


I Hate Goodbyes

I hate the anticipation of a goodbye. I hate the gut-wrenching, tear-jerking, all consuming fear attached to the moment of not knowing if you’re going to see someone again.

It’s incredible how people can come crashing into our lives. Without expectation, one person can change our entire future and most of the time they don’t even realize the gravity they have on you.

It’s almost crazy how fast we can become friends with someone and trust them with our deepest secrets. Our most sacred thoughts can be gently handed over in a matter of seconds of feeling like the other person understands us. 


Look to the sky for a sign. Tonight’s goodbye will be hard but you’ll be better because of it.

This is why I hate goodbyes. We can become so close to someone in just a few days of the right conversations and yet, sometimes a goodbye looms above us with finality and heartbreak. How do we know if we will ever see someone again?

I’ve said a lot of goodbyes. Some fading out like the end of a movie, some shaking me to my core and some that I was never ready for. Goodbye is never easy. Goodbye to the dead is for ourselves to feel closure and remember them in light. Goodbye to someone we once loved in any way both frees and breaks us. Goodbyes to places or things grip our hearts as we flash back to the memories we made there.

I’ve learned that goodbye never gets easier, you just get stronger. Sometimes the last thing you want to do after a goodbye is move forward, even when that’s all you have left. Some goodbyes sting for a few days and some sting for a few years. Some are easier than others.

The most important thing is remembering that people stay in your life for exactly the right amount of time. Whether it’s two weeks or twenty years, if someone has fulfilled their role in your life and you have to say goodbye for whatever reason, let them go.

By clinging to a past filled with what if’s and could of, should of, would of’s we prohibit the life we’re supposed to live from happening. If we could only see that somewhere in the future there is a silver lining, we might find goodbyes a little easier.

Have faith that saying goodbye will only lead to a dozen new hello’s.

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie

I’m So Thankful: The Liebster Award

I was so pleasantly surprised this morning when I got a little orange dot screaming that I had a notification to catch up on with Inspired She Lives. savingwithoutscrimping has nominated my blog for The Liebster Award!

For those who aren’t exactly sure what that is, The Liebster Award is an award for new/small blogs to increase recognition and awareness of their awesome blog! So for someone who hasn’t been at this for very long, I was so excited to discover that someone not only reads my words, but finds them inspiring and worth sharing.

Thank you so much for the nomination savingwithoutscrimping!

So to continue the nomination process, I must do the following:

1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the questions given to you by the nominator.
3. Nominate up to 11 other bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.
4. Create 11 questions for the nominees.
5. Notify all nominees via social media/blogs.

Here are the answers to the questions I was given:

1. What`s been the most surprising thing you discovered since you started blogging? I thought that once I started writing, I would run out of things to write about. I didn’t think I would have so much to say or that I would be able to keep up with the time it takes to write a blog, but I have found the exact opposite to be true! I love finding the time to put my words down, it’s like a little therapy. I never run out of things to write about because my life is one huge adventure filled with lessons.

2. If someone was to write a book about you what would the first and last sentences be? Great question. Start: She wandered the world with curiosity and hope, searching for the details that make us believe we’re the happiest person in the world. End: She found a way to believe in everything she had to offer and the doubt that once poisoned her thoughts would never leak back into the crevices of her mind.

3. The book was a hit! They’re making it into a movie – what type of movie will it be (drama, romcom, action, etc.) and who would you want to play you? Rom-Com and I would need Rachel McAdams to be me. She’s my favorite!

4. If you could choose an age to be right now what would it be? Why? I choose the age I am now, 21. I have learned so much about myself and have so much ahead of me to look forward to.

5. What’s your favourite thing to do in a day? I love everything about mornings. I love coffee, sunshine and fresh starts. So it would have to be my morning routine.

6. Why did you choose your blog name? I choose Inspired She Lives because I wanted something that was different and would remind me what the goal of my writing was. It actually didn’t take me too long to create the name! I almost went with she lives inspired but wanted inspired to be the first word.

7. What’s on your bucket list? I want to learn how to surf.

8. If you were to create a slogan for your life what would it be? Courage is infinite… it’s even tattooed on my body. 🙂

9. What’s your theme song for the moment? Stole The Show by Kygo

10. If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month which show would it be? It may be dramatic, but Vampire Diaries.

11. What is an experience that changed your life for the better? What a tough one! I would have to say the biggest life changing event that has happened to me so far would be deciding to go to college. I learned independence, education and so many other life skills that have transformed me for the better and I absolutely love my school.

I nominate…

my homelife blog: The food makes you want to cross oceans and the photography is just beautiful.

Life of An Amateur Adult: when this girl writes, she thinks deeply and carefully crafts each word. I love her insights.

Resistance Photography: I love the photography in these posts. It’s inspiring and simply beautiful.

As for MY questions, here you go!

  1. Why did you want to start blogging?
  2. What is one of the best meals you’ve ever had?
  3. If you could choose your own name, would you change it?
  4. Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?
  5. What was your dream job when you were young?
  6. Would you live in a different country?
  7. What is your favorite post that you’ve ever written?
  8. What is one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned?
  9. Which actor/actress would be the best you in a story about your life?
  10. What was the last book you read (if you can remember)?
  11. What was the last song you listened to?

Thank you for reading and enjoy!

Anna Marie

The Constant Battle Between Your Heart and Your Head

Hush, I tell my heart, you don’t always know what’s best for you. 

Quiet, my heart challenges, you’re overthinking this. 

It’s like I can feel these two separate entities inside of me whenever a crucial decision arises.

For instance, when you get a funny feeling about someone or being somewhere.

Our head often sees what’s happening far before our hearts ever sense we might be in danger. When we finally realize our thoughts are not just paranoia we cautiously whisper our fears to our beating chests. With every beat, our hearts reassure us that people are good, incapable of causing pain and besides, can’t you just enjoy happiness for once?

They say we’re ignoring our gut instinct but in reality, we just have too much hope. We are too excited for things to go as we dream and push away the nagging discouragements our brain is spewing in the background. We just want our heart to find happiness because we know how much it deserves to. 

If you’ve ever been stuck, it’s hard to choose between what you think is right and what you feel is right. I wish I could help you understand which is better but the truth is there is never going to be one that conquers all.

There is this battle that happens within us and that’s when we know the decision we are making is life-changing. When your heart and your head clash so ferociously you can’t sleep, that’s when you know you’ve come to a fork that has two separate futures.

And if you follow your heart? I can promise you that you will feel good. I can’t promise for how long, but whenever you choose your heart you always feel good for at least a little while.

Is it smart to choose your heart and surrender your brain? It depends really.

Is it smart to choose your brain and ignore those feelings you have? I just don’t know.

But if you follow your brain? You can talk yourself into reason and sometimes that means talking your heart into reason as well. You can calm the terror you may feel in your chest by explaining why something needs to change.

In our hearts, we can almost always know if something is a good idea if it just feels right. 

Often, we can also argue our minds to the point where we convince ourselves that it is right. 

So in the end, we never know if we made the “right” decision or chose the right organ to follow. We just move forward because we realize that is what we decided to do. We continue on living and will not know if that organ was the more reasonable one until one of them start questioning every choice you’ve ever made again.

When that time comes, maybe wave a white flag and find a way to follow both. 😉

Until Next Time,

Anna Marie

Wisconsin To Germany: What I’ve Learned So Far


*disclaimer* today’s post is a little bit rushed but stick with me here! I’ve only got so much time and after all, I’m on vacation. 😉 

Wisconsin is the most German state in the U.S. We are considered to be the most drunk state, the one with the most German heritage and who knows what else.

Now that I am finally in this beautiful country, I am so excited to release a list of things I’ve learned when comparing the two. It may not be just Germany, it could be Europe as a whole vs. the US. Nonetheless, here we go.

1. Sparkling Water vs. “Still” Water

Over here, when you ask for water, you get sparkling water. They sell “still” water for your drinking pleasure but I have been the only one who enjoys it. Everyone here drinks bubbly water, even chugging it after a tough workout. I can get used to it if I am forced to, however carbonated water just doesn’t feel right when you’ve been drinking still water your whole life. It sure makes you feel fancy though.

2. Beer and Wine in Germany vs. Beer and Wine in Wisconsin

The beer here is as I expected, way stronger and very delicious. You will not find a can of Busch Light over here. American beer is often much more watered down than in Germany. Also, their wine is amazing but also much stronger. Where as a few glasses can hold you over in the states, one glass can get the job done here. They also mix their wine with sprite, lemonade or water.

My favorite beer that tastes like sunshine and happiness? Bitburger Radler. Amazing.

3. The roads. 

The streets here are very narrow compared to the US. When you’re going through a town, it’s not uncommon to pull over to let the oncoming car get by first.

Speaking of their cars, they’re much smaller and more compact. It’s because of their roads that this is more common but it was quite the adjustment from the room you have in the states.

Also, you get your license when you are 18, not 16.

4. The Drinking Age and Rules

This is obviously one of the biggest differences people notice. In Germany, you are allowed to drink beer and wine when you are 16, any kind of alcohol when you turn 18.

The U.S.? 21. In all honesty, I have seen 18 year olds handle their alcohol so much more maturely then 21 year olds back in the states. I think the lower drinking age teaches responsibility at a young age and you learn how to control yourself by the time you are an adult.

In the US, there is so much underage drinking as well as binge drinking. People often go way past their limit and I have not seen nearly as bad behavior in Germany.

Also different, you can have open alcohol in the car as long as you are not the one driving. You can also have it on the streets or sidewalks if you’re going somewhere.

5. Deodorant 

Stick vs. Spray… I must say I have been converted.

6. Drinking games

In Wisconsin, the games we play are based on trying to get the other team to drink. Here? The one game we learned is about your team chugging your way to victory. You are the ones who want to drink in order to win.

7. Breakfast, Lunch and DinnerDSC_0003

Here, your breakfast will never be pancakes or french toast. It’s usually bread and meat. Which, by the way, the bread here is different in a way I can’t explain but so darn delicious. Lunch is usually heavy and dinner is pretty light.

8. Smoking Cigarettes

I have never seen so many young people smoke so many cigarettes. Smoking is so common here for young people and I am actually looking forward to going back to the states so I don’t come into constant contact with smoke. Back home, I don’t have any friends that I know of that smoke cigarettes. Here, I have seen 80% of young adults smoking. It made me appreciate how far America has come with the smoking population.

9. Landscapes

In Germany, there is country for miles and then a small town where houses all touch and are crammed together. There is no country living. There is beautiful farm land all around you and barely any random scattered houses. This is much more common in Wisconsin where you’ll see farms and the houses that are occupied by those who run them. There are backyards and country living. It’s definitely two very different ways of living.

DSC_0044 DSC_0172

10. European Hair

Can we just talk about the hairstyle men have here? They all have shaved sides and a nice floof on top that is styled to perfection. The men here just seem to care way more about what they look like then back home. I don’t really have a preference but it’s definitely very different.

This is the very quick version of what is different, I am sure more will be spilling out of me soon.

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie

How To Be Your Own Hero

“I’ll lay my hands on the glass to see through the mess I’ve become. I’ll gaze beyond the cage I feel safe in to try and see the world outside again. But daydreaming isn’t always as comparable to dreams. But I’ll stare out of this glass pane anyways.

While wishing out a window I remembered what was mine. I remembered a time I felt whole. Wishing out a window was as easy as it seems, our hearts were filled with dreams, one memory at a time. Now I’ll keep wishing for the day when all the pain I feel goes away or I find the strength to believe in all I need. I’ll keep praying for a sign on stars that refuse to shine to help me understand that the only hero to my tragedy is me. The hero to my tragedy is me.”  

Sometimes, it’s hard not to rest your fate in the hands of a miracle. It’s hard not to sit around and wait for yourself to get better. It’s hard not to wait for someone to put you back together so you don’t have to. It’s hard to trust yourself to become saved by the one and only you.

It would be so much easier to just let ourselves be defeated and stay down but what happens when a year goes by and no one has saved you? No miracles have happened and time hasn’t changed anything at all? You have to choose to pick yourself up. You’re the hero in this story my friend.

Here’s a few things you can start doing to get yourself where you want to be.

1. Push yourself to do something even if you don’t feel like it. 

You don’t have to go somewhere every day but binge watching Netflix for three days straight is not a good way to work on your happiness. At least break it up with a walk or go meet a friend for coffee. Most of the time, you’ll feel better afterwards. Make your day have purpose. Make yourself feel like you need to be somewhere or doing something to be happy.

2. Reach out to friends or make some new ones. 

A way to get yourself through anything is to surround yourself with people who will catch you if you stumble. Take this time to grow friendships and reconnect with old ones. Go see your family and recognize those who truly care for you. Laugh and love.

3. Make yourself think of two positive thoughts for every negative thought you have. 

Write it down if you have to! Every time you start thinking about regrets, guilt, events leading to those feelings, stop yourself (if the time is right). You need time to heal of course but at some point you have to tell your mind to move on and think about it less and less. We must learn to push forward with pain. It’ll get easier.

4. Every morning, wake up and ask yourself what you want to do to make yourself happy. 

This sounds so silly but we often forget to think about the small things that will give us joy. Is it making yourself a big breakfast? Is it going for a walk? Sometimes these things don’t sound too fun but we know that after we do them we’ll feel a little more productive and joyous for the rest of your day. Do it even if you don’t feel like it. Make yourself happy.

5. Love yourself. Do something for yourself.

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times but I can’t stress enough how important this time is for you to do something that’s going to make you feel new and happy. Redecorate your apartment, buy yourself a new toy, get in the best shape of your life, join a new club, take archery lessons… whatever it is, just go for it. Do something, or several things, for yourself and consider it the beginning of a relationship with YOU. Date yourself and start by spoiling the crap out of you.

We can’t chase happiness, but we can learn habits that will help us stumble into it much easier.

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie