Why You Need To Stop Waiting for the “Right Time”

I’ve thought so much about this topic lately. The “right time”. What does it even mean? Is it when you get this magical wave of glitter that sparkles on your shoulder, letting you know that yes, you are indeed ready to be in love. 

Is it a ray of sunshine that warms your heart up, boiling it to the temperature needed to cook a committed relationship?

The right TIME? Please, I have a better chance of finding a unicorn raised by leprechauns. We are never going to experience the right time to do something and here’s why you need to stop waiting.

1. You’re missing out. 

Seriously, by never giving something your all or by putting your life on hold to wait for the time you feel is right, you’re missing out on all of the incredible journeys you could be taking. You’re missing out on lessons you could learn or a love that could rock you to your core.

2. You’re going to instill fear into your soul. 

By giving yourself the “right time” excuse you are justifying your fears. You are telling yourself that it’s not right for this time in your life and you’ll be ready somewhere down the road. Wrong. You’re never going to be ready. You need to learn to tighten your belt, strap on that helmet and run for the unknown at full speed. It takes so much more strength to open up and experience things outside of your comfort zone than it does to run away. Being cowardice won’t get you anything except a full-grown beard and a faint heart.

3. You’re going to always question when the “right time” actually is happening. 

Have you ever felt the right time punch you in the gut? Has it ever lightly tapped your shoulder and whispered in your ear to move forward? NO. Therefore, how do you know what it will feel like? You won’t because it’s imaginary. Now, you’re stuck questioning your life and its existence and the plan you’ve had all along.

4. You’re going to hurt people. 

If you’re belief is as strong as mine, you’ll be magnificently hurt by someone who tells you that it’s just not the “right time”. Mostly because you know it is some lame excuse that we use to justify our fear of diving into unfamiliar territory. I’m not fearless, but I know when I need to push myself and when I’m being a frightened mouse who skitters at the sight of dawn. If you are pushing tons of people away or not doing something due to “bad timing” then reanalyze your decisions. You do have choices.

5. Life doesn’t wait for you to make it memorable, it flies by and you’re wasting it. 

Be BOLD and BRAVE and SASSY. Let the whole world see the scars on your heart and love someone so much you explode into a mess of hearts whenever they look at you. Life will not wait for you to decide that it is the “right time” so instead of waiting for something, MAKE it happen. You’ll find that the more you push yourself, the easier it becomes to push yourself the next time down the road.

My gosh, I’m so sick of reading about people who blame their lives on bad timing. Some things happen for a reason but it’s your reaction and choice following that event that makes you the person you are today. Next time, be bolder than you ever thought possible and live so freely that fear itself cannot whisper through your mind. Do everything you want to do and live for YOU. 

Until Next Time,

Anna Marie

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