I Vow, 2017.


I vow to worry less about others love for me and work harder to give that love to myself.

I vow to breathe through anxiety and put myself first.

I vow to say no without an explanation and feel comfortable doing so.

I vow to love fiercely in every way possible.

I vow to be vulnerable and real.

I vow to not let the fear of judgement control who I am.

I vow not to measure my success by the amount of likes on a picture or the amount of compliments in person.

I vow to keep some goals to myself and smash the hell out of them.

I vow to let go of could-bes and things that don’t work out.

I vow to truly take in the moments that make me carefree.

I vow to say what’s on my mind even if it isn’t what someone agrees with.

I vow to minimize the “stuff” I purchase and save it for the experiences I can live.

I vow to be open and genuine.

I vow to never numb myself to joy for fear of feeling pain later on.

I vow to say sorry less, to stop apologizing for who I am.

I vow to keep feeling every single emotion fullly and showing the world how it should be done.

I vow to call myself beautiful and believe it.

I vow to work through rejection in an effort to better myself.

I vow to have more courage to tell someone how I feel only for the sake of them knowing.

I vow to always find hope in any incredible amount of darkness I face.

I vow to accept that which I cannot change and move forward in the direction I’ve been pushed and pulled.

I vow, for one year, to give every ounce of love to myself so that others know how it should be done.

I vow, for one year, to be exactly who I am in the most kind and genuine way possible. 

I vow, for one year, to put my happiness utterly and completely before anyone else’s. 

I will always keep pushing, keep striving and keep growing.

I will never give up.


Anna Marie

Love Her




Oh please, just love her.

Love her to the ends of the earth.

Love her vastly and openly, let her be who she’s supposed to be.

Push her to explore. 

Push her to try again.

Love her for who she is and not who she could be.

Love her whole. 

Love her in pieces.

Love the way she’s not perfect. 

Encourage her to love the imperfections too.

Love her to love yourself better.

Love her to heal your fears.

Love her excitement.

Love how she loves you.

Squeeze her tight and kiss her hard.

Love her so much. 

Oh please, just love her.



Anna Marie ❤



I Hope You Stay You.


I hope, at the end of the day, you’re you.

I hope that the fire in your soul fuels your bravery and the criticism of society burns in the flames.

I hope you love so freely that it scares people away and attracts the deepest friendships of your life.

I hope you spike your hot cocoa to stay warm and breathe in the crisp winter air because the contrast is sacred.

I hope you fall in love so bad it hurts and he only stays if he let’s you be exactly who you are.

I hope you always stay exactly who you are.

Never a dimmed light-

never a watered down version-

always, 100% you.

I hope you eat french fries and skip the salad once in a while.

I hope you call yourself beautiful.

I hope you look in the mirror and accept yourself for your own beauty ideal.

I hope you talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend.

I hope you practice kindness and stay genuine.

I hope you aren’t afraid to feel sadness and learn how to carry it with you.

I hope that you inspire yourself to be brave and believe in yourself to be fearless.

I hope you know that you can do anything.

Whatever you want, just do it.

I hope that you care for others in a way that makes them love you to the ends of the earth and fight like hell for what you believe in.

I hope your beliefs are never shoved down the throats of others.

I hope you listen to the silence for all that it says.

I hope you listen just to listen and not to respond.

I hope that you are missed by the ones you love and miss those you adore.

I hope you remember to smile.

I hope you aren’t too hard on yourself.

I hope that someone finds that light of yours and let’s it shine as bright as ever before.

I hope no one tries to take away your spirit.

I hope you never let them.

I hope you never apologize for what isn’t in your control.

I hope that you share yourself if only so you feel more confident in who you are.

I hope you never change.

I will always hope, at the end of the day, that you are you.

Stay you.


Anna Marie ❤

Fight ‘Em With Fire


Fight ’em with fire.

Salute the fear that threatens your happiness and shake hands with self-doubt.

Fire blazes.

Set your heart on fire.

Live with a passion so powerful others are awed by your dedication and intimidated by your willpower.

Create a spark for life.

Love so fiercely that others are shown exactly how it should be done.

Set an example of grace.

Learn to embrace your pain so that you can carry it.

Stop telling yourself that you have to be strong.

Strength is found through accepting weakness, not ignorance.

Be honest and direct.

How dare you think it okay to slay someone else’s feelings simply because you don’t feel like dealing with it.

Don’t let cowardice run you from being considerate of another’s heart and soul.

Show yourself to others and stop tweaking the presentation.

We want so badly to be accepted as exactly who we are yet we are so easily influenced by the actions of others.

Honestly, truly, love yourself.

It’s not okay to expect another human being to fill a hole in your life.

Pull on your big girl panties and stop putting the pressure on others to create your happiness.

That’s on you.

Crush the myth that vulnerability is taboo.

Splatter your emotions on the wall and walk people through them.

Talk about your feelings, how else are you supposed to understand them?

Fight ’em with the fire to live genuinely.

To live openly.

To live with bravery.

Show the world who you are-


Just show yourself who you are.

Get to know the pain, the ugly, the story you are and then applaud your courage.

Stop fearing the constant expectations set on us by each other.

It’s exhausting.

Love so widely and openly that it scares people.

You don’t want to be friends with cowards anyways, darling.

Keep pushing yourself, every day, in small ways.

Even if it’s just finding the willpower to make good coffee in the morning.

Don’t change yourself unless it’s for YOU.

Someone is going to come along with a hunger for the fire you have and together you’re going to light up the night sky.

Don’t settle until you feel that.

Don’t you dare run away from it, either.

We are all scared of love but you’ll never have it if you keep waiting for 25 or stability or whatever excuse you tell yourself is sufficient enough.

Be brave and go for it.

Fight for what you want in this world.

Fight the world, itself.

Fight ’em with fire.