Fight ‘Em With Fire


Fight ’em with fire.

Salute the fear that threatens your happiness and shake hands with self-doubt.

Fire blazes.

Set your heart on fire.

Live with a passion so powerful others are awed by your dedication and intimidated by your willpower.

Create a spark for life.

Love so fiercely that others are shown exactly how it should be done.

Set an example of grace.

Learn to embrace your pain so that you can carry it.

Stop telling yourself that you have to be strong.

Strength is found through accepting weakness, not ignorance.

Be honest and direct.

How dare you think it okay to slay someone else’s feelings simply because you don’t feel like dealing with it.

Don’t let cowardice run you from being considerate of another’s heart and soul.

Show yourself to others and stop tweaking the presentation.

We want so badly to be accepted as exactly who we are yet we are so easily influenced by the actions of others.

Honestly, truly, love yourself.

It’s not okay to expect another human being to fill a hole in your life.

Pull on your big girl panties and stop putting the pressure on others to create your happiness.

That’s on you.

Crush the myth that vulnerability is taboo.

Splatter your emotions on the wall and walk people through them.

Talk about your feelings, how else are you supposed to understand them?

Fight ’em with the fire to live genuinely.

To live openly.

To live with bravery.

Show the world who you are-


Just show yourself who you are.

Get to know the pain, the ugly, the story you are and then applaud your courage.

Stop fearing the constant expectations set on us by each other.

It’s exhausting.

Love so widely and openly that it scares people.

You don’t want to be friends with cowards anyways, darling.

Keep pushing yourself, every day, in small ways.

Even if it’s just finding the willpower to make good coffee in the morning.

Don’t change yourself unless it’s for YOU.

Someone is going to come along with a hunger for the fire you have and together you’re going to light up the night sky.

Don’t settle until you feel that.

Don’t you dare run away from it, either.

We are all scared of love but you’ll never have it if you keep waiting for 25 or stability or whatever excuse you tell yourself is sufficient enough.

Be brave and go for it.

Fight for what you want in this world.

Fight the world, itself.

Fight ’em with fire.




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