Why I Chose Communication

If I was to give you the short answer about why I chose the major I did, it would be curiosity. Curiosity for how movies are put together, curiosity for how companies build relationships and curiosity for the way people feel. I chose to study communication with an emphasis in public relations and media studies because of the endless list of questions that race through my mind.

When I was in elementary school, my mother and I would always watch the behind the scenes clips that came on the special features section of the DVD. From Titanic to Pearl Harbor, there were inside peaks of how they built the most incredible sets and created worlds that mystified me. I wanted to know exactly how much work was put into the design, filming and post-production aspect of these movies so I did what a lot of kids do when they have questions. I searched for answers on Google.  

As questions were answered, my curiosity only heightened. Throughout high school, I became familiar with editing software and camera techniques that only made my love for videography grow. When I took my first production class at my university, I knew that this field was where I wanted to work for the rest of my life. I was challenged creatively and artistically and there was constant growth in my skills that were proof of hard work.

It wasn’t until I started working at the campus activities board on campus that I became passionate about another subject my school had to offer. While learning the ropes of my new position, I learned how to promote events. I had to be creatively unique and think of new ways to grab the attention of students on campus. I was forced to think outside of the box to make my events go above and beyond the scope of what was expected of me. This challenge gave me so much satisfaction.

Not only did I love my job, but I became so involved in thinking of new ways to do what the position has been involved in for years. I got to know so many students on campus and realized how much I love to build relationships with the public. I was able to learn how they think and what kind of material they like or don’t like. They became friends as well as the people I work for. I loved feeling a sense of responsibility to bring them an event that they would enjoy.

Yet again, I found the curiosity settling in. I wanted to know what I could do better or what I could change. I searched for new ideas to make the next event even grander than the one before and I enjoyed the experience of constantly being pushed to think differently. I wanted to understand why people would love certain ideas and not others.

I couldn’t choose just one emphasis after starting this job and so I decided to choose a double emphasis with media studies and public relations. Now, the curiosity I feel can have effort pushed towards both fields and leave me with options to explore whichever one I choose after graduating. Though I can’t say for sure, I can see myself working in both fields at some point in my life.

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie


Pushing Play on a New Chapter

As several chapters come to a close with the end of summer, one very exciting chapter is officially underway- my senior year of college.

I don’t know where the time went or how life can whip by so fast but the taste of the word “senior” on my tongue is still foreign.

But here it is. 

I’m going to put all of my effort into making happiness blossom from this year. I am going to write every single note with a heavy sigh only to remember why I signed up for this place way back in the beginning.

I love my University. I love the people here, the campus, the places I’ve been and the professors who have taught me so much. I love the experience of learning and becoming someone I’m proud of. I am blessed with the experience I’ve had so far and I can’t believe my fourth year is already here.

These have been four of the best years of my entire life.

I’ve grown up. I’ve turned into someone different every semester and I keep growing. I’ve become independent and learned so much about not only my major but about myself. What I want, where I want to go, the kind of people I want to surround myself with… the list goes on.

To say college has changed me is the biggest understatement of my life. I am not even remotely the same person I was three years ago. I can’t even remember the freshman who moved all of her stuff in.

Well, the caterpillar is in her last year before she spreads her wings.

I can’t wait to see who I will be when I graduate in May. 

More to come this week, forgive me for how busy I’ve been since getting back!

Cheers to a new semester!

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie

Finals: I’m Too Tired to Think of a Clever Title

My fingers are dragging over the keyboard. My eyelids are in slow motion. My body is screaming nap time but my mind is whispering the final assignments that are due in a few days. Finals week, this battle has been hell. I will not let you win but you can throw a hefty left hook. I just need a minute to catch my breath.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Yes.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Yes.

For those who are in college good luck. For those who aren’t, I’m sure you have felt another comparable, stressful situation. I didn’t think much of finals when I was a freshman and I didn’t think college was too difficult until I got into my major and realized all of the work that has been demanded from me.

Today is the day that positivity needs to be carved into my skull. The days I lose motivation and the grey skies win over my mood. The days that textbooks seem a thousand pages thicker and words seem much too difficult to string into a coherent essay. The days I drag myself around in an attempt to be functional. Man, I am burned out. College is hard. It’s not a new revelation I’ve made, but it deserves to be said.

So for those of you who need to hear it, you can do it. You are almost there. You have a few days left and if you keep up the pace and push yourself until that last minute of that last exam, you will be so proud of yourself. It will be worth it. Take a deep breath and keep trucking. You are almost done. Then you can scream to the skies and let the sunshine hit your face.

Think of summer. Think of how great it will be to enjoy the summer knowing you pushed yourself to the last possible hour of the Spring Semester of 2015. You will jump in the air and time will freeze in your happiness. Okay, maybe not quite that blissful, but you can grab a glass of wine and watch Netflix without feeling guilty for the first time in months.

The simplest pleasures. They are quite worth it. Keep pushing.

Until next time,

Anna Marie

Shutdown or Breakdown: You Need a Break

You’ve been there. So much stress and pressure building up on your shoulders until you’re positive one more day might send you over the edge and two more days will make you unbearably crazy. Three days and you’ll pull an Anna and lay face down in bed until the world is ready to embrace you in gentle arms again.

Exhibit A of a breakdown.

Exhibit A of a breakdown.

The importance of shutting down may seem a little immature, like a misuse of time or unproductive, but it’s actually the opposite of those. By giving your mind and yourself a chance to have fun and relax, you’re healing yourself. You’re refreshing your ideas and getting your energy back. You finally can let loose before getting back to the grind.

Whether this is on a weekend, an evening or your 2 hours in the middle of your day, you need to shut down. Take a break from social media, your phone and anything else that will make you stressed out. Do you. Take a walk, watch a movie, lay in bed, catch up with someone you love or just sit there and breathe.

But I don’t have time. Yes. Yes you do. Don’t say that. I used to over commit myself to so many things before I realized that I wasn’t even having fun doing any of them anymore. That’s what your activities should do. Make you have fun. Let you let go and forget about everything for a while. Do something that you don’t just cross of your check list.

Breaking down is what happens after all of the stress and inability to shut down attacks you. You might feel better afterwards, but shutting down in the first place is going to prevent a hysterical break down. Breaking down leads to a night of tears or anger that doesn’t need to be there if you take care of yourself.

There is a lot of talk of taking care of yourself psychically, but remember to care for your emotional and mental side too. The energizer bunny will still die out of batteries at some point right? We need time to recharge and recuperate before jumping into the next day’s battles.

Do yourself  a favor. if you need to, start small. Snatch an hour out of the day that’s just for you. A time for you to recharge. Whether that’s taking a bath, sitting outside or enjoying an iced coffee while reading your favorite book, do something for your brain. Take a break. I know how much everyone of us deserves it.

Until tomorrow my friends,

Anna Marie

P.S. If you have any advice that works wonders on healing your stretched thin self, please share. I know we could all use ideas to wind down.

Your College Bucket-List From a Soon to be Senior

It’s true when they tell you college is the time of your life. You are thrown out of the nest and start to grow your own wings. You experience the stress of finals at 4 am and the doubt of being able to graduate in four years. College is the best experience and do you know what else is true? It flies by way too fast.

Coming from a soon to be college senior, there are so many things I did throughout the past few years at my university that I hope and pray freshman will do as well. So here are ten things I couldn’t have left college without doing.


1. Meet people every year and don’t stop making new friends. College is a lot bigger than your high school and your friends will come and go, just make sure you hold on to the good ones. Be open to people you haven’t talked to before.

2015. February.

2015. February.

2. Go to a sporting event that you know has the loudest pride fan section. At my school, it’s hockey. The cheering section for every other sport sucks but when it comes to chanting for our hockey team, we go wild. There are chants, taunts and horrible sportsmanship but it is one of the most fun ways to spend a weekend night. 

3. Join a club, even if you only go to one meeting. Joining a student org not only gives you the opportunity to meet new friends, it also gives you opportunities to volunteer, become an intern or at the very least some free food (sometimes). Even if you don’t stick with it, it’s good to have at least tried something out.

4. Join an intramural, if only for a semester. I don’t care how bad you suck at sports, intramurals are such a good time. You can play in the fun league and meet so many nice people and make lots of great memories.

5. Try to get at least 3 teachers to remember your name by the end of your college career. This isn’t as easy as you would think, especially as an underclassman taking general education courses. Going into the last few semesters made me realize that a letter of recommendation from a professor would look really good on a job application so sit in the front of the class for once and talk a little.



6. Live in the dorms… and then live off campus. Living in the dorms are so much fun. You get to know your community and get offered tons of free programs. There is never nothing to do in a dorm. Living off campus provides you with learning opportunities and a place to call your own. You learn a lot.

7. Travel. Either study abroad or traveling on your own, now is the time to go if you can afford to. Even if it’s just for spring break, take advantage of the free time you have while you are in college. Once you graduate and start your career, your traveling is going to be much more limited.

Cancun. 2013.

Cancun. 2013.

8. Take advantage of anything that’s FREE! You get so many college perks it’s ridiculous. Free concerts, movies, comedians, fitness classes,craft-nights, etc. Our campus even gives you free condoms so find out what’s free and take advantage of that!

9. Say yes more than you say no. One of the greatest ways to make memories is to say yes when people ask you to do things. Walk through a park, coffee at a cozy shop, study date at McDonald’s, whatever it is, do it. You will not regret the quirky memories that come from those nights.

10. Take a class for fun. This sounds so ridiculous to take a class for fun but trust me, since you have general courses you are required to take, it will be easy. You have options in so many different broad areas so pick something you need to graduate that you know will give you a good time.

One of the most important things to remember about college is why you are there. Don’t get lost in the atmosphere all the time because you do want to graduate with a degree. You are in college to learn, grow and prepare yourself for your future career in the real world. Bask in that.

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie