Exciting News!

Hi my Inspired She Lives fam!  For the past three months, I have been working on something special. When I say “working on” I mean that I have dedicated HOURS and HOURS to this project because I’m going to chase the heck out of it.
Here we go… I am releasing a new blog/brand called Inevitably Wild.
What is it, you might ask?
It is a documentation, a real account of my journey across the globe. It represents two things I love the most in this world- Self-Growth and Travel and shares content (rewritten and revamped) from this blog, Inspired She Lives.
Why start a new blog? I needed a change. I needed a project that wasn’t something I have already done. I needed to start fresh with a new goal in mind that combined the two things I love most in this world and I thought that the right way to do it would be to venture into a completely new brand that lays it out form the beginning.
Inevitably Wild was named for the feeling I’ve had since I was 12 years old when I told my mom I wanted to move to California. It is for my restlessness and for the vulnerability I’ve given all of you and strangers alike.
I believe in showing the world not only how important self-growth is but how travel can help you do that. My goal, as always, is to inspire you and do this because it is a huge passion of mine.
I have researched and researched, googled how-tos, written over 70 posts, watched countless videos, listened to multiple podcasts and conversed with fellow bloggers and I don’t know if there is such thing as “ready” but the launch date is finally here and I’m so excited to share it with all of you. I have a lot of content coming your way so here are a few things I’d like to share.
1.       If you believe in this project as much as I do, I’m going to ask you to transfer the love you’ve given me on this blog to my new journey. Follow me on social media and/or sign up for the emails so I can keep sending you awesome content from wherever I am in the world.
Here is my Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Join my email subscriptions on my main page!
2.       I am ALWAYS looking for feedback/engagement on my posts so if you have a thought- share it! Scream it at me. Tell me what you loved from Inspired She Lives so I can take it with me. I am a learner, I won’t get better if I don’t know what to improve on.
3.       Stick with me. This journey is going to be shared because of how much I believe in it. I have a focus, a direction and a dream that I am chasing. I would love for you to believe in me as much as I do.
Guys, I truly feel like I found my calling and this truly scares and excites me to be honest. This combines everything I’ve ever loved- travel, self-growth, writing, photography and inspiring others. And that is a lot of fear going into it. But I know I can do this. So, please, help me kick ass in my dreams because I can’t do it alone.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for reading this. Thank you for believing in Inspired She Lives. Thank you for following.  I can’t wait for you to see what I bring to the table and I am hoping you tag along.
Check out my new blog here.
Love always, Anna

I’m So Thankful: The Liebster Award

I was so pleasantly surprised this morning when I got a little orange dot screaming that I had a notification to catch up on with Inspired She Lives. savingwithoutscrimping has nominated my blog for The Liebster Award!

For those who aren’t exactly sure what that is, The Liebster Award is an award for new/small blogs to increase recognition and awareness of their awesome blog! So for someone who hasn’t been at this for very long, I was so excited to discover that someone not only reads my words, but finds them inspiring and worth sharing.

Thank you so much for the nomination savingwithoutscrimping!

So to continue the nomination process, I must do the following:

1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the questions given to you by the nominator.
3. Nominate up to 11 other bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.
4. Create 11 questions for the nominees.
5. Notify all nominees via social media/blogs.

Here are the answers to the questions I was given:

1. What`s been the most surprising thing you discovered since you started blogging? I thought that once I started writing, I would run out of things to write about. I didn’t think I would have so much to say or that I would be able to keep up with the time it takes to write a blog, but I have found the exact opposite to be true! I love finding the time to put my words down, it’s like a little therapy. I never run out of things to write about because my life is one huge adventure filled with lessons.

2. If someone was to write a book about you what would the first and last sentences be? Great question. Start: She wandered the world with curiosity and hope, searching for the details that make us believe we’re the happiest person in the world. End: She found a way to believe in everything she had to offer and the doubt that once poisoned her thoughts would never leak back into the crevices of her mind.

3. The book was a hit! They’re making it into a movie – what type of movie will it be (drama, romcom, action, etc.) and who would you want to play you? Rom-Com and I would need Rachel McAdams to be me. She’s my favorite!

4. If you could choose an age to be right now what would it be? Why? I choose the age I am now, 21. I have learned so much about myself and have so much ahead of me to look forward to.

5. What’s your favourite thing to do in a day? I love everything about mornings. I love coffee, sunshine and fresh starts. So it would have to be my morning routine.

6. Why did you choose your blog name? I choose Inspired She Lives because I wanted something that was different and would remind me what the goal of my writing was. It actually didn’t take me too long to create the name! I almost went with she lives inspired but wanted inspired to be the first word.

7. What’s on your bucket list? I want to learn how to surf.

8. If you were to create a slogan for your life what would it be? Courage is infinite… it’s even tattooed on my body. 🙂

9. What’s your theme song for the moment? Stole The Show by Kygo

10. If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month which show would it be? It may be dramatic, but Vampire Diaries.

11. What is an experience that changed your life for the better? What a tough one! I would have to say the biggest life changing event that has happened to me so far would be deciding to go to college. I learned independence, education and so many other life skills that have transformed me for the better and I absolutely love my school.

I nominate…

my homelife blog: The food makes you want to cross oceans and the photography is just beautiful.

Life of An Amateur Adult: when this girl writes, she thinks deeply and carefully crafts each word. I love her insights.

Resistance Photography: I love the photography in these posts. It’s inspiring and simply beautiful.

As for MY questions, here you go!

  1. Why did you want to start blogging?
  2. What is one of the best meals you’ve ever had?
  3. If you could choose your own name, would you change it?
  4. Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?
  5. What was your dream job when you were young?
  6. Would you live in a different country?
  7. What is your favorite post that you’ve ever written?
  8. What is one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned?
  9. Which actor/actress would be the best you in a story about your life?
  10. What was the last book you read (if you can remember)?
  11. What was the last song you listened to?

Thank you for reading and enjoy!

Anna Marie

Too Busy to Write a Blog

I’ve said it. I’m swamped. I am ocean deep in projects and papers that are due too soon, swimming in loads of tasks for my job and overwhelmed by friendships I am keeping or not keeping up with. I am a crazy busy person and I will blame it on those pesky college years where you’re expected to devote your lives to being a super student.

In reality though, let’s break one week down.

My teachers say I should spend at least 4 hours a week looking over material, doing homework or reading for a class. 4 hours per five classes I am taking.

Well, there is 168 hours in a week, 20 should be spent on studying and doing course homework, I work 20 hours a week as well as another 4 volunteering which brings me down to 104 hours.

I spend on average 9 hours a day sleeping, 1.5 hours a day eating/enjoying a meal, 2 hours a week showering, 9 hours working out per week and 13.5 hours a week in a classroom which leaves 26 hours of free time in a week. Now try calculating all of the time I spend getting ready to go somewhere and actually traveling somewhere and you could probably cut that down to 19 hours of free time.

What would you do with 19 hours a week? About 2.5 hours a day? Well, sometimes it feels like I don’t have the determination to write this blog. After papers and projects, the last thing I want to look at sometimes is a computer. So in this hectic last month of my Junior year of college, bare with me if the blog posts are shorter or I skip a day. After all, I’m human you know.

So today I might be a hypocrite. I don’t like saying “I’m busy” because usually it means that you’re not making time to do something you would like to but in this case, breathing and alone time over trumps some things I really enjoy. I truly am I frantic kind of busy in these approaching weeks.

So if you’re a student as well, best of luck to you and stay strong in your semester. If not, give a college kid a hug next time you meet one, they probably need it.

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie

P.S. I love irony.

The Art of Being Thankful

In a world that demands more, more, more, it’s hard to appreciate how hard we’ve worked and the accomplishments we’ve made. As soon as we complete something, there’s another goal ahead of us, another milestone to reach or another level to advance to.

Let’s just stop for a second and do what’s forbidden. Let’s take a look at your past, even if we aren’t headed that way.

In the past year, what goals did you meet? What did you get done that was a weight off of your shoulders? Are we allowed to high five ourselves for staying sane in world that demands continuity in everything we do? If so, high five to you, if not, under the table fist bump.

We don’t get enough time to reflect on what we do well and appreciate the time we had to get where we are right now. The bad part about the future is most of us are always looking there instead of just being here. I don’t know about you but here is a great place to stay.

Let’s keep this short, sweet, and to the point, eh?

Today, I want to be grateful and thankful for the struggles I’ve been through and the goals I’ve met. I want to raise a toast to those of us who keep reaching for more even when we’ve done so much. Let’s say cheers to the people we’ve become because of the roadblocks we’ve encountered and the hurtles we’ve cleared. It’s a special day to be alive and we won’t get another day like this one.

Let’s live today a little less seriously and allow a breath or two. In a fast paced world, we deserve it. Call your mom or grandma and say I love you because you can. Thank your significant other for being the peanut butter to your jelly. Let your dog give you a sloppy kiss because you know how much he loves you. Even if it’s just for five minutes. Stop and appreciate how far you’ve come.

thankyouAnd now for my huge thank you, it goes to all of you reading this and those who have chosen to read what I have to say before and were amazingly kind to follow Inspired She Lives. In the past few days, Inspired She Lives published their 30th post and reached a few milestones pictured over there. Thank you for your readership and I hope you have a fabulous rest of your day.

Until Monday,

Anna Marie

Hunting For Treasure

I realized, life is a treasure hunt.

When I was a little girl, I remember my grandparents teaming up with my parents to create a treasure hunt for my sister and I. We had an aged, frayed map leading us to riches buried deep in the ground and clues to further our journey. At every clue, we would glance around and then at each other, hoping we could decipher the clue as time ticked by. 

At the “Aha!” of knowing what direction to go, we would skip over branches and mounds in the woods, heading straight for the next clue until finally, we came to a big red X in the ground. This was it, what we were waiting for. We scraped through the dirt and leaves with our hands and not far below was a little brown chest. Squealing with delight, I pulled the little treasure chest from the ground as my sister immediately went to work on the clasp. 

As the lid flung open, we saw gold coins, pearls and even a little parrot. We gasped as we rummaged through the riches we found, displaying them for our family as we pulled them from the chest. It was everything we could have hoped for.

After carrying the trunk back to the house, we shared our treasure with anyone who wanted a prize. After all, they did hand us the map in the first place. The night was filled with chocolate gold and after that day, we were happy to wait patiently for the next map to arrive so we could find riches once again.

Like I said, life is a treasure hunt.

We start by seeking clues that boggle us. As we stare at the directions we can go, we wait for a something to click that will lead us down the right path. When we finally take a step in a direction, we can’t help but second guess if this was the right choice until we reach another clue. Another fork in the road, we ask those around us to make our decisions and tell us what choice will be best even though no one can know until it’s a memory.

We seek satisfaction or greatness and we go on a hunt to find it. We take forks in the road that we believe will get us where we want to be and decipher clues until we are confident in our choices.

When we finally see our dreams within reach, we run straight for it, doing all we can to undo the clasp and feel what it’s like to achieve. As we rummage through our treasure, we can’t help but decide if it was all worth it. Am I disappointed with what’s inside? Am I surprised? Or is this exactly what I wanted?

If it’s not, we wait for our next map to arrive with the hope that this time we will find what we’ve been looking for. With that, we take our first footstep into the next journey.

See? Life is a treasure hunt.

Until Monday,

Anna Marie

Workout So You Can Take Impressive Pictures

That sounds strange doesn’t it? But let’s face it. Not many people actually like the idea of working out for more than a month. The people that do are athletes or stay within their comfort zone most of the time. It’s a time consuming, pain filled process and who loves pushing your body until you want to keel over? Not many of us, so here is a new approach.

I have just started working out again. I used to count my walks to work and took the stairs as a good form of cardio but I began to realized I missed feeling stronger. Here’s what I did to get back into it and yes, pictures are involved.

1. I grabbed a buddy who wanted the same goals. You hear this all over the internet because it’s true. Your workouts will be much more consistent if you push each other to be better and to be accountable. Having someone that you don’t mind correcting you and telling you to work harder will be a great tool in the workouts you choose. Besides, you are more likely to stand up yourself than a friend, right? So find someone you can workout with and make a schedule.

2. Decide what kind of workouts you want to do. I have had this workout buddy for 3 years and this past year we kind of lost our way. We didn’t workout together anymore and then we both stopped working out all together. Recently, we decided this wasn’t okay. We used to run together and do minimal abs and on and off body weight exercises but we weren’t as fond of that anymore. We both realized we wanted to get toned with a different kind of cardio that gave us a lot of body control, balance, and flexibility. So, we chose dance.

You probably think we’re crazy. Two 20-something year olds want to learn to dance now? Well, we both have had background training and knew that with time, we would be able to get better. We’re not going for So You Think You Can Dance, we just want to tone up in a different way that can be truly beautiful.

3. Set Goals. If you’re running, do you want to be able to run 5 miles non-stop in 3 months? If you’re lifting weights, do you want to bench ten pounds more in 50 days? With our new workout in mind, our goal is to become more flexible. One thing in specific is we want to be able to do the splits by the end of our spring semester. Setting a goal gives you something to work for and keeps pushing you.

4. Document your journey. This is where I’m getting into the pictures part. This is new for my friend and I, but we decided that we wanted to take progress pictures to see how far we’ve come and push ourselves even farther. When I say progress pictures, I don’t mean the whole sports bra thing.

I said my goal was the splits? So every week, we take a picture of each other trying to do the splits and see how much farther we get. We have done this for a few different flexibility poses and I can’t wait to see our progress. Our goal is to become strong and capable of taking beautiful Pinterest worthy pictures. To inspire you, is a beautiful example.

Courtesy of Pinterest.

Courtesy of Pinterest.

5. Patience. Especially for our goal, we have to be patient. Being able to control your body or do what these girls are doing in the picture is going to take more than a semester. That’s the fun part about it. We get to see how far we can push our bodies because we are still young and willing to learn.

I hope these tips have inspired a new fire inside to get that booty up and moving. If you have any other amazing tips that work well for you or styles of exercise you love, comment below! I love to hear what makes people successful.

Until Tomorrow,

Anna Marie

Goal Setting 101

Setting goals is a beautiful thing. Do you know what’s even more beautiful? That feeling that rises inside of you when you accomplish them.

One of the most truly satisfying things someone can do to increase their happiness meter is to set a goal, work hard, and achieve it. Whether that’s getting your homework done ahead of time so you have a little more breathing room or keeping your apartment clean for a week straight, that satisfaction and accomplishment can lead to more motivation throughout your days.

The worst part about setting a goal is thinking of something you want to commit to. It’s kind of scary isn’t it? If you do set a goal that you know you probably won’t achieve, then you just feel bad about yourself. On the other hand, if you keep setting tiny goals that you achieve daily but don’t have any bigger goals, you may feel scared to branch out and try harder.

Accomplished my first 5K with the Color Run!

Accomplished my first 5K with the Color Run!

Setting the right kind of goal is different for every person. You want something that is going to push you and yet, not something that will make you feel like a failure. For example, I wouldn’t make a goal to go on a run every day of the week because I know how busy my schedule is. Instead, I planned on running at least three days a week or more until I took part in my first 5K. Realistic and attainable.

Another good example is to think of something you WANT to do that you feel would make you a little better or happier in life. If that want is attainable, set it as a goal. If it isn’t, change it a little. Exampled below.

My goal: I started this blog because I wanted to write more. I wanted to become more creative and better at writing in general.My goal was to start having a more positive outlook. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to do a blog full-time so I set my goal to write a post Mondays through Thursdays in hopes of improving my skills.

Your goal: Did you have a goal in mind while you’ve been reading? Go from there and see where it takes you!

Alright, now your goal is set. When you start, you will be so motivated and the first few weeks will fly by. Now, comes the tough part. You get into your routine and feel good about starting a new goal and all of a sudden it gets a little muddy. You don’t feel as motivated, you’re wondering if you should have aimed less or you think of a better way to solve the problem that sparked your goal.

Don’t let your mind fool you. If you have been thinking of a goal for a while now and you have started the journey, don’t you dare give up just yet. Those first few weeks are the warm up, it’s when you get beyond that that makes you work a little harder. Chances are you set this goal for a reason and you know why you want to reach it.

It’s a test I want you to pass. So here’s what you can do. Think of why you set your goal and how good you will feel when you reach it. Setting yourself daily, weekly, and long term goals will be so good for you because you will gain confidence in achieving milestones and be able to inspire those around you to do the same.

Right now, just for today, set yourself a small goal. Are you going to skip the coffee today or get a jump start on a project looming ahead? Share your goals with me and we can all keep each other motivated! I’m excited to see some progress.

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie