Capturing Happiness

Here’s what I believe.

You can really get to know someone through the pictures they share with you. Therefore, since a picture is worth a thousand words, I thought that today I would share one of my favorite hobbies. Photography. I love taking pictures and even more than that, I love to capture moments. I love to catch that moment of laughter or that real smile and it’s even better when the camera decides to work with you and catches that moment as well.

I am not very advanced with my skills but whenever an opportunity arises, I jump at the chance to capture someone’s moment for them. I am always learning and growing in my skills and so I thought I could show the world a bit of my work so far.

These are all property of Inspired She Lives- ENJOY!

Property of Inspired She Lives.

Property of Inspired She Lives.

Property of Inspired She Lives.

Property of Inspired She Lives.

Property of Inspired She Lives.

Property of Inspired She Lives.

Property of Inspired She Lives.

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I truly feel blessed to have captured some of the moments that I did. I even feel more blessed to have had these wonderful friends and family ask me to do these pictures for them. Looking back, I know they are not perfect and I am my own worst critic, but like I said before, I am learning.

I can’t wait to continue to have this hobby as something that makes me truly happy.

Thank you for reading this special post and I would love to hear about any wonderful hobbies you have!

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie ❤

No Fashionista’s Allowed

To the fancy and the fashion-forward, this post might make you cringe.

I don’t claim to have style because, let’s face it, my idea of casual dress is a pair of leggings without holes and a cotton shirt that is one size too big. Therefore, when I put a pair of jeans on, I feel like a Kardashian primping for the paparazzi (minus the make up).

This is why changing out of dress clothes into comfy sweats is what I am recognizing as my daily quirk that makes me happy. Seriously, how good does it feel to be comfortable? Don’t get me wrong; I love fashion. I really do. I like seeing what the new trend is and trying new things out although I only do it three (if I have to) days out of the week.

But what is the point of loving fashion if you feel uncomfortable in your own skin for 10 hours of the day? This is when I began to change my “style” if you will. Instead of the heavy earrings and itchy fabric, I started to aim for the comfy chic style. Oh, that just sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

The picture below shows you the difference between my something and nothing look. Something being my actual style when I try to dress up for an event or occasion and my nothing meaning I’m going to class and eating mac and cheese for supper.

As you can tell, yoga pants are my go to comfort for the day time and my black skinny jeans are my go to dress up piece. I wear my skinny jeans way more than I should for a girl with other options but it’s way too simple to pair an easy shirt with and so I shall blame the pants themselves.

I have realized that being comfortable is a secret weapon for me to feel good. I love being able to  just slip off my shoes when I get home and feel ready for bed. Let’s be real, taking off skinny jeans sucks when you just want to crawl in a blanket cave.

So here we go. Think of what you wear when you want to be at your absolute comfiest. Take that fashion mindset you usually have and set it free this week because your wardrobe deserves a break. I challenge you to wear your comfiest clothes all week to break the expectation so many people uphold. After that week is up, I guarantee you that the next time you wear the same old jeans and v-neck you will feel so much more like a diva. It will give you a whole fresh start to beginning another fashion streak (if you’re up for it).

Let the yoga, the sweats, and the over-sized sweatshirts come crashing into our wardrobes this week and cheers to feeling comfortable in the midst of another cold winter.

Until next time!

-Anna Marie

The Why and the Reason

Today is the day. I am starting a new adventure on this blog and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. Every hint and trick to starting your own blog tells you that you need to find your niche that your passionate about and go from there. Well, here it is.

The reason I am starting “Inspired She Lives” is actually quite personal. I find myself lacking the stimulation and excitement I feel I need to thrive. I don’t know if its from being stuck in a small town or being stuck in a mind set. My gut tells me it’s a little of both. Therefore, I am going to be searching for inspiration in every day routine. Since I am not feeling as excited as I once did about this place I call home, I want to start recognizing little things in my life that made it so exciting to start a new chapter here. Hopefully, I will be able to share with you how you can start to flip your mindset as we go down this road together. Basically, I’m blogging about happiness and where I find it in my life.

I can’t promise you that I will not stray from that topic, because sometimes there’s just a great story waiting to unfold in your life that you have to share with the world. However, I am quite passionate about becoming happier for my well-being and hope you will join me as I share what makes my glass half full.

Click that follow button and let’s get started.

-Anna Marie