I Hope You Stay You.


I hope, at the end of the day, you’re you.

I hope that the fire in your soul fuels your bravery and the criticism of society burns in the flames.

I hope you love so freely that it scares people away and attracts the deepest friendships of your life.

I hope you spike your hot cocoa to stay warm and breathe in the crisp winter air because the contrast is sacred.

I hope you fall in love so bad it hurts and he only stays if he let’s you be exactly who you are.

I hope you always stay exactly who you are.

Never a dimmed light-

never a watered down version-

always, 100% you.

I hope you eat french fries and skip the salad once in a while.

I hope you call yourself beautiful.

I hope you look in the mirror and accept yourself for your own beauty ideal.

I hope you talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend.

I hope you practice kindness and stay genuine.

I hope you aren’t afraid to feel sadness and learn how to carry it with you.

I hope that you inspire yourself to be brave and believe in yourself to be fearless.

I hope you know that you can do anything.

Whatever you want, just do it.

I hope that you care for others in a way that makes them love you to the ends of the earth and fight like hell for what you believe in.

I hope your beliefs are never shoved down the throats of others.

I hope you listen to the silence for all that it says.

I hope you listen just to listen and not to respond.

I hope that you are missed by the ones you love and miss those you adore.

I hope you remember to smile.

I hope you aren’t too hard on yourself.

I hope that someone finds that light of yours and let’s it shine as bright as ever before.

I hope no one tries to take away your spirit.

I hope you never let them.

I hope you never apologize for what isn’t in your control.

I hope that you share yourself if only so you feel more confident in who you are.

I hope you never change.

I will always hope, at the end of the day, that you are you.

Stay you.


Anna Marie ❤


Why are we so scared?


Don’t lose your sense of adventure.

Open up to strangers and invite love into your heart.

Sit on the bus and ask how the person to your left is doing.

It’s not creepy, it’s how we used to meet people.

Stand in line at a coffee shop and tell that girl who dressed up that she looks lovely.

She won’t give you a weird look, she’ll smile.

Pick up a book and read your favorite quote to someone you want to connect with.

Your favorite words will tell them so much more than your Facebook account.

Smile with your eyes and dress up so you can say damn, I look GOOD.

Stop racing for a goal and breathe in the moment you’re living.

Why are we so scared to live in a world where no matter what, you’re going to get hurt?

It’s true isn’t it?

No matter how guarded you are, how careful you are, how safe you live your life- you’re bound to get hurt at some point down the road.

Tripping on the side walk.

Criticized by your boss.

Rejected by your crush.

Hurt is going to happen.

So why do we fear it so much?

It’s a huge part of us.

A part of living, growing stronger and pushing forward.

I’ve seen people cringe from pain so much that they’ve become immune to being alive.

They hide themselves in a shell so tough that they can’t even begin to understand how someone could open it.

And it only grows thicker.

The part of them that could really live gets hidden as they go through the motions- waiting for anything to break through that shell.

Well it’s not up to a force of nature.

It’s up to you.

It’s up to you to face your fear and live in a world where you embrace rejection and let it push you.

By the thousandth time, you’ll be a professional.

By the thousandth no, you’ll hear “there’s a different plan”.

Don’t be scared to live. 

Embrace the fear and do it anyways because we’re all a little insane to hope that just enough courage will earn us the happiness we all deserve.

Until next time,

Anna Marie



Courage is Infinite

When I was 18, I did what a lot of teenagers can legally do at that age. I got a tattoo.

It wasn’t on my birthday in some whimsical shop where I chose a burger as my choice of permanent ink; I took my time in thinking this out. In fact, I decided on what I wanted and then waited six months after my birthday to make sure I still liked the idea before permanently engraving it into my skin.


My smile is filled with fear.

So let’s start with why I chose what I did. I was in a really rough state of mind at the time I started thinking of ideas. Senior year of high school after my family took a huge hit with personal dilemmas did not treat the brain kindly and I was feeling very weak and frail. I would tell myself to overcome these issues and rise above to what is yet to happen. Overcome.

For a while, I thought this is what I would get on my body. After about a month, I didn’t like how it sounded anymore. Overcome had this connotation for me that I was always going through something and would be a constant reminder of tough times. It had a melancholy ring to it that didn’t sit right with me.

I started to love the word courage. I compared it with the word strength but what I wanted was more than strength to me. Courage embodied the fight to get through something and face it head on no matter what fear ices your heart. Strength left me feeling like I could just wait the storm out where as the word courage made me feel like I would run head first into the eye of the storm and find a way to handle the disaster I knew was coming afterwards.

However, so many souls have courage tattooed on their bodies and I couldn’t just be like everyone else. I needed a small phrase that would lead me to take strides when my legs feel broken and tired. A phrase to help me last one more minute in agony because I know happiness is waiting on the other side.

Courage Is Infinite. It popped into my head and stuck. Courage doesn’t run out. Courage can be summoned at any time and you will always have it within you. You will never run out of the courage to do what you want. You don’t get 100 instances to use it. You have an unlimited supply that can pull you through the roughest of times if you fight.

That’s what I loved most. I am a fighter and this is my mantra. Courage is infinite. It does not run out in the middle of a battle, we can always find it within ourselves or the world around us. The courage to leave the country in chase of travels, the courage to tell someone I love you after a dozen heartbreaks, the courage to forgive those who hurt you, the courage to push yourself one minute further on that run you didn’t want to take, the courage to go up to a stranger and say hello for the first time.

Courage will never expire. It is always hidden within us as long as we know how to access it.

It was perfect for who I am and the words I need to call upon when I feel stuck. foot

I can’t tell you how many times I have looked down at those words scrawled on my foot and have repeated them tirelessly until I believe it. It has been an incredible reminder to keep pushing forward even when you feel like you can’t muster up the strength to move your big toe. Courage will last a lifetime if you let yourself become friends with it.

That’s why I got a tattoo. I made an amazing decision to get that phrase on my skin so when I feel like I need it most and don’t know where to go next, I am constantly reminded by my own skin that I have the courage I need to get through anything.

When it means that much to you, it has to be right.

Plus, I can’t wait to see what it will look like in 60 years. 🙂

Until Tomorrow,

Anna Marie