The Good (Every Day) Life

Of course I’m going to name this blog post after a song written by my favorite band of all time. (That’s One Republic… listen to them.)

But they have inspired me to stop thinking about all of the things I don’t have in my life and to start appreciating the good things that I DO have.

It’s such an easy thing to do, isn’t it? I wish I had a nicer car, a better apartment, true love, a best friend or perfect muscles. We get lost in wishes instead of thanking the universe for what we already have in our lives.

I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had to travel, the friends and family I have gotten so close to recently, the ability my body has to take me on adventures, a comfortable bed and an amazing support system.

So I decided to make a list that I hope you guys and gals can relate to. It’s a list of every day things that really make me happy. It’s appreciating what you do have that makes you happy and THAT is what creates a good life.


I love a good laugh with others.

Hold tight hugs.

Really savoring coffee when I do drink it.

Walking barefoot in grass/sand.

Feeling squeaky clean after a shower.

Finding an outfit that makes you wink at your own reflection whenever possible.

The smell of an impressively wonderful shampoo or perfume.

Sitting down with your plate after cooking it and staring at the masterpiece you’ve created. (Pizza anyone?)

Drinking a big glass of water when you’re thirsty.

Playing with my hair.

The feeling of being in a really clean house right after you finish scrubbing and dusting.

The perfect temperature outside.

When your favorite song comes on.

Getting into a really good book.

Getting lost on Pinterest.

Getting a phone call from someone you love.

AND BOY… could I go on and on… 

When I think of all of these things that happen almost every day, I become so grateful for the small happiness that each one brings me. I am so lucky to be able to appreciate such weird things that I literally go through on a daily basis. It’s hard not to take them for granted but I told myself that when you’re focused on everything you’re missing out on, you are forcing your mind to think that you are have to fix it and therefore you can’t be happy.

I know that there are things that would make me extra happy right about now. A billion dollars. A car. Hawaii. But am I going to let those missing pieces cause me to feel like I can’t be happy? No.

The picture on the puzzle is still beautiful with a few missing pieces. You don’t have to have all of them in order to know what you want or what the bigger picture is. You can still have that puzzle as finished as possible until you stumble upon that next piece. Until then, let me tell you, people will still see the beauty if you can see it yourself.

So why don’t you reflect a little today. Think about five things that happen almost every day that make you happy. Enjoy them a little more than usual.

Until next time,

Anna Marie 🙂

I Finally Figured Out If I’m Happy Or Not

Wow, this past month has stretched me in so many different directions. I feel like Elastic Woman from The Incredibles. How is it that one person can feel so obligated to do 14,000 things in one day? (Exaggeration, more like 13,999.) College, I tell you, it’s all because of college and the extremities that are attached to it. I needed that break last week but boy, it sure feels good to appreciate blogging again.

Now for the meaty section of today’s post. I have had a lot of crazy jam packed checklists to accomplish lately and while I was tackling these huge feats of work, I had some time to day dream and think about a really important question: am I happy?

I was stunned when I couldn’t answer very easily. I was laying down before bed and I thought, what constitutes as someone being able to say that there are definitely happy? Then I thought of something that one of my friends recently shared with me. She has been going through a lot and she said “You know Anna, I have realized lately that I have a lot of bad days.” At the time, I was just trying to be her friend and comfort her through her bad day, but it really got me thinking.

Do I have a lot of bad days too? Does a string of bad days lead to bad weeks, bad months, a bad year, a bad life? It kind of dawned on me that in order to be happy, I had to start by having good days. Of course, you can’t force those on yourself, but you have to know what contributes to your good days and what triggers your bad days. We need a little of both because how else would we tell the difference between them? It’s just a matter of which ones we have more.

I looked back on the past few weeks and thought about the good days, the bad days, the normal days and really evaluated which kind of days I was having most often. I felt kind of ungrateful when I realized that I have had a lot of good days lately.

I am smiling because it represents happiness.

I am smiling because it represents happiness.

I thought, maybe I’m just lucky, which can definitely be so, but I had to start giving myself some credit too. I am where I am today because of my hard work and commitments in my life. I have chose to do certain things every day that really contribute to a good day for me.  Even in the midst of this stressful time with challenges being thrown at me left and right, I have had a lot of good days.

I thought, well, does that mean I am happy? So I dug deep into those days and found that I was doing things that were truly making me happy. I was learning, loving, sharing and challenging myself every day. Bad days were ones that I couldn’t control. Days that were triggered by other factors that I only have half the say in. On these good days, I would seize random opportunities to go places and do things with new friends and that really set my mood soaring.

I realized, I have worked hard, really hard, and I have earned these good days. It was the best feeling in the world. I want to continue to earn these good days through positive energy, building relationships and taking adventures whenever the chance comes around. I have a lot of good days and to me, that means I am happy. I am living a good life and I really am happy. Are you?

That’s a lot of deep thinking for a Monday. 😉

Take care and until tomorrow,

Anna Marie

Good Morning, a Note For You

Good morning sunshine and thank you for reading! ❤

I know that your day just started. Whether you are lying in bed with one eye still closed, squinting into the light that is seeping through your window blinds or drinking your morning coffee with your PJs still on, good morning. That’s what it is going to be. That is what you should want it to be.

Right now, you have no idea what kind of mood might hit you. You’re still basking in the warmth of your dreams and thinking about what is happening in your life today. You don’t know yet if you’re day is going to be memorable or average. Can you really choose?

I don’t know, sometimes I feel like I could argue either way. But here is the truth. This morning might lead to a day full of happiness that you will treasure for years to come, or it might bring news that you never even knew you were dreading. You can either excite yourself for the days that might bring the most sunshine or always expect the rain clouds.

But let me tell you this. You, mister or missy, are important. You mean something to someone in your world right now and that person loves you. They cherish your smile and can’t wait for the next time you get to make more memories together. Someone out there, the person or people that you are picturing right now, they want to see you. They need you to bring them joy.They want to share their day with you or gossip about the latest happenings. They want to sing obnoxious songs with the windows rolled down and hear that they’re doing okay in life.

We all just need to hear that we’re doing okay, that we’re doing great.

If you don’t feel like you’re okay, you will be. Believe me. It may take time, it may take another person, it may take an adventure, but you are doing okay. Everyone one of us has had something bad happen and every one of us has learned to overcome something. Everyone of us has wondered what is next for ourselves and everyone has second guessed our decisions. It’s okay. It’s normal.

For you, understand that your presence is one that can not be duplicated. No amount of magic could ever cast the light you do on the people who surround you. No one could ever tell you how to shine that light and no one could ever replicate the grace in which you do. That brightness is special, YOU are special.

Recognize one thing this morning. Recognize how much you mean to those around you and realize how important you are to someone. You, my friend, are so incredibly loved. Feel that warmth that you feel when you wake up in the morning when you are in your cocoon of blankets. Feel it and keep it with you for the rest of your day. No one can ruin this day for you. You are going to make it yours.

Be yourself in every second of your day and let yourself be known to those around you. They’ll find you just as lovely as those people who know how much you are worth. That worth is evergreen.

Good morning and good day,

Anna Marie

Here’s Why You Should Love Mondays

I’m going to make you love Mondays.

Even if your Mondays are your going through the motion, still waking up from the weekend I am a zombie kind of a day, I’m going to make you love them. Okay, I understand how your negative filter may be rattling off a ton of reasons to fight me right now but just hear me out. I can at least try to get you to appreciate why Monday’s could be loved.

Here it is, the lost list of why Mondays are awesome.

1. You should feel refreshed! The weekend just passed you by and hopefully you had a chance to catch a few z’s, relax in the way the makes you feel at your best and cross off a few things on your to-do list. Ahhh, sweet relaxation.

2. Mondays have the potential to set the mood for your whole entire week. If you are productive and get lots done, you are setting yourself up for a successful few days to come. On the other hand, if you are not in the best mood and decide to procrastinate, you’re giving yourself a ton of work to catch up on for the rest of the week.

3. Everyone you see is also starting a new week and since you haven’t seen them in a few days, you get to catch up! Talk about your weekends, have a few laughs and enjoy seeing friends that can put a smile on your face. Avoid the ones who don’t with that awkward I got a text message trick or looking into the distance gaze.

4. Usually you won’t have any deadlines on a Monday. So that’s less pressure for you! It’s a day that you can take time easing into the rest of the week. Running around like a chicken with your head cut off can’t be good for you at 8 am on a Monday.

5. Monday is always willing to take the blame for your mishaps. If you spill your coffee all over yourself, drop your papers in the hallway or trip and fall on the ice or thin air, you can simply say “It’s a Monday” and everyone will just slightly nod their heads as they do when they feel your pain.

Looking a little differently at Monday can hopefully raise your spirits as we begin a new week. Maybe if we all repeated “Mondays are the best days” in the mirror 20 times it would be true. However, if Monday does in fact get the best of you, know that it will have your back and gladly take the blame for all of your troubles. If you really can’t see the best Monday has to offer, here’s a little picture to let you in on a little secret.


Google Images. Monday.

Cheers to starting a new week and making the most of Monday!

Until next time,

Anna Marie

The Why and the Reason

Today is the day. I am starting a new adventure on this blog and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. Every hint and trick to starting your own blog tells you that you need to find your niche that your passionate about and go from there. Well, here it is.

The reason I am starting “Inspired She Lives” is actually quite personal. I find myself lacking the stimulation and excitement I feel I need to thrive. I don’t know if its from being stuck in a small town or being stuck in a mind set. My gut tells me it’s a little of both. Therefore, I am going to be searching for inspiration in every day routine. Since I am not feeling as excited as I once did about this place I call home, I want to start recognizing little things in my life that made it so exciting to start a new chapter here. Hopefully, I will be able to share with you how you can start to flip your mindset as we go down this road together. Basically, I’m blogging about happiness and where I find it in my life.

I can’t promise you that I will not stray from that topic, because sometimes there’s just a great story waiting to unfold in your life that you have to share with the world. However, I am quite passionate about becoming happier for my well-being and hope you will join me as I share what makes my glass half full.

Click that follow button and let’s get started.

-Anna Marie