You Need to Sink Into Nature

Travel Tuesday takes a twist into appreciating nature wherever your adventure leads. 

When on the verge of self-implosion, I step into a place that offers much more than a beautiful view and I sink into it.

I will close my eyes and take in what it is to sink into nature.

The rustle of leaves as the wind whispers through shaken stems forms a language that calms the heart, mind and soul.

A gentle breeze lightly kisses your skin to take away the heat that comes with the warm sunshine on your shoulders. Nature knows the pain you feel and it fills those cracks with the shrill of birds singing and the smell of new leaves springing from their homes.

Breathe out, breathe in. The faint smell of flowers is overwhelmed by the earthly scents that flood all five senses. Maybe you’re standing by a lake and can hear the light trickle of water moving and smell the fish and seaweed that lie beneath the glittering surface.

Perhaps you’re caught in the wind on the ocean and can almost taste the salt on your lips. You slowly squish your toes into the sandy beach, feeling each grain of crushed rock smooth the skin you walk on. The ocean waves slowly crash against the shore. They stretch and reach for you, maybe just getting far enough to wash your feet, pulling your worries and self-doubt into the vast blue.

forestThere you stand in the midst of a thousand trees. A forest filled with cracking trunks and bending limbs. Rodents rustle rapidly through the brush and climb heights we consider feats. The sun rays slice through the branches that shelter us, if only to wash our face with light and hope. White noise hushes your thoughts as each leaf high fives it’s partner and the forest dances as one.

What you hear, what you see, what you feel has erupted what you have been holding inside of you. You loosen your grip on what you can’t change or let go piece by piece.  A calmness settles in that whispers you’ll be okay and you once again feel the hug of sunshine and earth surrounding you.

Nature can heal you if you sink into everything it has to offer.

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie


Wanderlust + Craving = Fernweh

fernwehFERNWEH. The beauty in this German word is just overwhelming.Travelers are known for saying they crave new places. This word is even more. I love the addition that we not only crave travel,  but we become homesick for a place we’ve never been.

Have you ever felt this way? I have this constant itch to experience something new and see a place I have only seen on Pinterest. I was on vacation only 2 1/2 months ago, yet I am ready to get on a plane to anywhere.

What is it inside travelers that leaves us longing for adventure. It’s an internal timer that constantly ticks down to the next time you set foot on a plane or in a car. Whether it’s the mountains, the forest, the ocean or city lights, I just want my eyes to be exposed to a new scene.

I want to breathe in air that smells different from home. I wish to meet people that grew up in a culture that is nothing like mine. I need to be awed by foods that I’ve never heard of and taste the strangeness they hold. There’s nothing like a whole new world that’s just a plane/car/boat ride away.

It’s so hard to explain the longing we feel for something new. A change of scenery is something that renews us and going many different places somehow helps us find ourselves. For those who don’t understand why travelers want to travel, we don’t understand why staying in one place is desired.

Yet, it’s kind of frightening when you think of that craving you have to go everywhere right now. Will you be able to settle down if you constantly want to change it up? You’re only young once. You could be young forever if you make it that way. Depending on who you are, maybe moving around is exactly what you want. Maybe you just want to have a home but get your butt to a different country ever so often to have it all.

Either way, I won’t stop. I have never regretted the money I spent on travel. Those experiences helped me find a piece of myself and grow into someone who won’t settle for no adventures. I will continue to travel because I crave it more than I crave the every day wish list. I long for these places I’ve never been and dream of mountains I’ve never climbed.

How would you put all of this into one word?


Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie