You Must Decide To Rise


Breathe in light.

Breathe out darkness.

Raise your palms to the sun so your fingertips can be touched by hope.

Close your eyes so you can imagine how blessed you are to be so loved.

Wild and free.

Wind blowing throw fields of sunflowers so yellow it’s petals drip happiness.

Free as the birds who fly anywhere and everywhere with the option of home always in their hearts.

Wild as the drinks that make you dance on table tops and kiss strangers.

Breathe in.

If only to feel alive because spontaneity is played by those who crave adventure.

It’s for those who crave each other. 

Lust and love.

Fall in love with a one night stand for just one night but promise to respect your body.

Crave love in everyone you meet and long for a soul that will understand your own.

Have the patience of your mother and keep her strength too.

Be brave like trees swaying in hurricanes.

Pray for the opportunity to spread positivity.

Love fiercely, move fearlessly and chase what everyone is too scared to run after. 

Rejection isn’t for the weak- it’s for the willing who know they are capable of rising.

And you must decide to rise. 

Until Tomorrow,

Anna Marie


If You’re Going Through A Lot, This Letter Is For You

Dear Troubled Mind,

I know what you’re going through isn’t easy. I know that every day is a constant battle to choose to do things that will make you happy or to curl up and cry. Every morning you wake up and wait to see if you can feel a good or bad day coming and you’re nervous to succumb to the anxious dreams you’ve been living in every night.

You’re terrified of being left alone because you don’t think you are strong enough to stand without hands holding you up. Yet, you’re sick of everyone tip toeing around subjects and jokes that only make you think of everything you’re trying to ignore.

I know that you can’t stop the pain from hitting you just as hard as it did the first time and that you’re sick of waiting for enough time to pass to make things alright.

I felt this way. Some days, I still feel this way. So from me… to you… I’m going to tell you what you need to hear.

You are strong. Not because you have moved along or have forgotten, but because you have felt every single ounce of pain that has been with you and you are learning to live with it.

Time doesn’t fix all wounds, it allows us to learn how to deal with the missing piece we thought we needed to survive. It allows us to understand how to handle the pain of whatever change we feel destroyed us. Every day, the pain doesn’t go away, we just learn how to embrace it and how to push forward even with new scars.

That is why you are strong. You have cracks and burns in your heart but it still beats. You still smile and laugh because no one can take that from you.

Whatever event changed you… whether it was a betrayal, a break up, a death or anything else, know that the person who caused this much pain didn’t get off too easy themselves. Don’t hate them. Don’t resent them for what happened. They have made you into the person you are supposed to be and maybe their time in aiding your future is up.

Forgive. Forgive whatever has happened and forgive yourself. You don’t need to let go of a person because in all honesty, a part of us will truly never let go of something we love, but accept that you cannot change the past. Let go of the control you no longer have and embrace what is yet to come.

Let go of the blame you place on yourself or another person and let go of the idea that a grand gesture will come along. Let go of the memories but still appreciate them. Let go of what you had and look forward to what could be. A door closes only to have a few windows creak open.

Understand the beauty and happiness that you deserve. You are so much more than a face or a body. You have a soul that can shine light through the darkest of nights. You have love that can leave someone speechless and kindness that spreads like wildfire.

Right now, stop thinking of ways to put others before yourself. Stop thinking of ways to apologize, react, conversations, plots that might change the outcome of what has happened.

Start thinking of yourself.  Choose YOU. If you’re terrified to be alone, that is a huge cry that you are exactly who you need right now. You need to find comfort in yourself. You have to love yourself to heal the cuts that are deep in your heart. No one can say something that is going to magically reset your happiness. You have to fight to get that back, no matter how unfair it seems.

Every single day when you wake up, you need to push forward. Don’t let yourself wallow on the couch or lay in bed all day. Do something about your pain.

Smother the pain with self-love. Love yourself by doing what makes you happy and for enjoying your own company.

No one can heal you like you can. Look at yourself in the mirror and have a conversation explaining why you deserve joy and appreciation. Then give it to yourself. Appreciate who you are and why you are an amazing soul.

Keep fighting. Maybe you fought hard for someone else and they gave up and now you don’t know why you put so much effort into something that failed. Well, keep fighting. Not for them anymore, but for yourself. Don’t give up now. You fought to be happy with someone/something else and now you must fight to be happy all by yourself.

Love deeper than anything you’ve ever felt before. Love is pain’s antibiotic. Love with each cell in your body and give it your all. Your friends, your family, your significant other or even your dog. Pour love into others and you’ll find that the ones who truly care will give you just as much love back.

Push forward, choose to love yourself and you WILL find happiness.

Until next time,

Anna Marie

The Fight to Forgive 

Forgiveness. It’s easy to say, hard to feel. It’s easily forgotten yet one of the most important truths of letting go and moving forward.  

You need to forgive yourself. You need to forgive others. 

For a woman who has only spent a little over two decades on this earth, I have encountered a lot of struggle. Isn’t that the story of quite a few of us? My struggles may seem more difficult or much simpler to someone else but to me, they have been challenging opportunities to showcase my strength. They have downright sucked and believe me- I was not this philosophical when I was in the midst of tears and anger.

The truth is you are going to get hurt. By friends, family, significant others or even strangers. You are going to be tested and when it comes down to it- you can succumb to the anguish or rise to the journey. 

You are going to be beaten down at some point in your life and you are going to feel like you are on the ground cringing at what life’s next blow might be. It’s true, if you stay down you aren’t going to be able to fall much harder. If you get up you are recognizing the chance of landing in that same spot in the dirt. 

You don’t think of this moment as pivotal. You don’t realize that deciding to stand up is going to influence how you fight the next battle and the one after that. You have no idea how standing up will strengthen you and your soul to the next challenge you face. The next war you fight with yourself or another person might bring you down but you’ve stood up before, this time it’ll be a little easier. Still difficult but once again your legs will strengthen and your heart will beat stronger. 

The person you were just became a little more determined to fight for happiness. The person you are is not going to let anything stop them from chasing a life they deserve. You don’t wait for anything. You seize the day and take your next step forward. 

You can’t do that unless you forgive yourself and anyone else and let yourself let go. Don’t let go of the memories or the happiness you had. Let go of the poison that infiltrated you. Let go of the pain and the hurt and all of the betrayal you feel in your heart. Forgive yourself for the blame you have hung on your shoulders. Forgive someone else for the decisions they have made. No matter how hurt you are, forgive them so you can be happy and move on. Forgive them so you can push your hands into the earth and force your feet to balance on the ground. So you can dust yourself off and start the next chapter. 

Take your time to forgive but push yourself to not let huge events control you. 

Time is precious. It’s quick and quick sand. It pushes you into the future and  pulls you into the past. It’s the beauty in the mirror and the wrinkles on your forehead. Time waits for no one. 

Therefore, the longer you take to forgive- the longer you will beat yourself down for the past that is now occupying your present. The harder it will be to forgive once you start holding a grudge. 

Forgive. Let go. Move on. Find happiness. Easier typed then practiced. I know. ❤️

Until tomorrow,

Anna Marie

Breathe: Travel Will Heal You

Whether you’re going through a loss, heartache or bad times, travel can heal you.

I’m not advocating that you run away from your problems because that won’t make a trip worth while but escaping the environment you’re in might just be exactly what you need to heal.

Maybe you need fresh air, ocean waves washing your worries away and new faces.  A place that will be kind to you when you need gentleness.

When the world is horrible to you, surrender yourself to it’s uncertainty.

Let the trees wave hello and the ocean lift you up. Let the crisp air fill your lungs and give you a new energy.


Let yourself find what is important to you again. Discover what makes you happy, what you value and where you will go from here.


Let the clouds shelter you from pain and the mountains hide your worries. Let the grass tickle your feet and the wind take away the negative thoughts running through your brain.


Maybe time away is exactly what you need to find yourself again. You can process the changes life threw at you and understand what happens now.

It will be a way to heal yourself and to throw yourself into a place you don’t know so well. All so you can heal.

A place to let it all go.

Anger, fear, confusion, weakness, doubt, sadness.

Let it go.

And breathe.

Until Tomorrow,

Anna Marie